Web Forum Policy

All web forums at AquaWeb were created to help fishkeepers learn and grow in their hobby (or passion!) through the help of a supportive and knowledgeable community. The forums are monitored for harassing, obscene or disruptive messages, which are not allowed in any form. All posts that violate the conventions can and will be removed at the webmaster's discretion. Serious violators can and will be blocked from accessing the forums.

It is a general rule of Internet etiquette that you should not say anything on a web forum that you would not be willing to say to your boss, teacher, or religious elder. Because the Internet has a worldwide reach, please be aware that your values and culture may differ from others on the forums. Although most board members are adults, minors are present here. A conservative, polite style is always recommended to avoid misunderstandings. Finally, typing in ALL CAPS is considered shouting on the Internet, besides making the text harder to read for many people. Please avoid shouting while using the forum, as our fish (both real and virtual!) can be sensitive to such noise.

For-Sale posts are allowed in a limited fashion, provided the following courtesies are met:

  1. For-sale posts should be clearly marked as such; no one wants to read a message thinking its a regular post and find out it's an ad.
  2. Items presented for sale should be aquarium-hobby related... no ads for long distance phone companies, etc.
  3. The purpose of the forums are to discuss fish related problems, solutions and ideas. They are not intended to become a general marketplace. Thus, posters of for-sale ads should also be active posters who contribute their knowledge and experience to the forum.
  4. Posting more than two messages that are selling the same item is not allowed, and frequent postings of for-sale messages by the same person is generally frowned upon.