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Sewellia update

Posted By: Emma Turner <emmasteve@clownloach.freeserve.co.uk>
Date: Tuesday, 11 October 2005, at 6:22 p.m.

Well, we've had the Sewellia lineolata in the River Tank for almost 8 weeks now, so I thought I would post an update.
These are active little loaches which are out and about all hours of the day. We were a bit concerned at first, as we had seen them feeding on algae - and only algae - and so were a little worried what would happen when they munched their way through most of it. But they now take small frozen foods such as daphnia, cyclops, and baby brineshrimp, and seem to really enjoy it. They get themselves into good positions in the flow so that the food particles drift their way, then they jump on it so quick that you can miss it with the blink of an eye. They also like sitting on top of the sponge intake filters on the River Tank manifold system, where they can be seen nibbling on the bits and pieces that accumulate on there. These sponges will be a source of a certain amount of biological activity - obviously they are not there for filtration purposes, we have an Eheim cannister on the tank for that - but there must be colonies of small life forms living on the sponges which the Sewellia seem to enjoy eating. Here is a photo of one of them on a sponge:

(sorry about crap quality - they are proving quite difficult to focus on for some reason).

Here is another shot of one on a piece of bogwood - the colours may look a little subdued as the tank is deep and this little chap was quite low down in the tank:

And finally here is another of one resting on a piece of Java Fern:

Very cute I think you'll agree!

They seem to get on fine with the other occupants in the River Tank - Schistura balteata, Sinibotia pulchra, Micronemacheilus pulcher, and Eirmotus octozona. We see them occasionally bicker between themselves, having high speed chases around the tank and so on, but this doesn't happen very often and no harm seems to be done.

Hope this is of interest,


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