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Posted By: Cynthia <ckfard@yahoo.com>
Date: Tuesday, 11 October 2005, at 11:22 a.m.

The weather is finally changing for the cooler and I'm very happy to be relieved of some of the hottest weather we've had this summer in Missouri. The only problem has been most of my tanks are in my family room which is gets cooler at night and stays cooler much of the day. The heaters in the tanks are going bonkers for some reason. The temperature in one sky rocketed to over 90 degrees the other day. I turned it off and let it adjust and then turned it back on again after a few hours and it happened again. Of course the water temperature dropped about 12 degrees in the interim and then back up it went. One of my fish died from this. I went out and bought a new heater and set it up.

Yesterday I noticed a fish in another tank swimming erratically, one sitting on the bottom of the tank not moving a lot and one missing. Found the missing daddy dead in the fake grass that floats at the top for the babies to hide in. When I checked the temperature it was about 85 degrees. I changed the water out and brought the temperature down to about 82 degrees over an hours time. Checked again this morning and the big momma had died, and the daddy who had been swimming erratically looked better. The babies are fine and everyone else seems fine. I just replaced the heater about two months ago with a Neptune which I was told would be a good heater as the previous one was doing the same thing.

This is getting old. The temperature in the room is around 70 degrees. Very comfortable. I don't understand why the heaters are going crazy. Does anyone have any ideas? I really hate cooking fish in the tanks. The water quality is fine in both tanks. The two fish that died in the one tank were about one year old and don't live a lot longer than that normally, (guppies) but I really don't like putting them through a heat stroke.

Any ideas or suggestions? The heater in a third tank had gone funky once in a while, but when I moved the fish into the larger tank a few months ago, I disconnected it and will only use it as a back up in an emergency until I determine what to do in general about this problem. I turn the lights out at night and the tanks get no natural light or heat from any other source. Once I turn the fire place on when it gets colder the room will be a bit warmer all the time. Probably around 75 degrees once it is cold outside as I use the fire place to heat the house so it is always toasty in that room and cooler in the rooms on the main floor.

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