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I arrive victorious!

Posted By: Mike Ophir <mjophir@gmail.com>
Date: Friday, 19 August 2005, at 3:50 p.m.

Well my trip to Rumford Pet Center was a blast!
That store must have had the cleanest tanks out of any store I have ever seen. The fish were colorful, and all looked very healthy!
As I was walking around I noticed Botia sidthimunki labeled as "skunk loaches" though I have no idea why they did that since their scientific name was correct and the price ($12.99 or 3 for $30) seemed fit for sidthimunki and not real skunk loaches.
I continue to browse the tanks, and spot some really nice and pretty rare pink tailed barbs whose scientific name i have somewhere in the back of my mind. They were going for only 3.99 so of course I grabbed a couple.
In a larger tank I saw the nicest P. scalare angelfish I have ever seen!!! They seemed so happy swimming in and out of the the tall leaved grass they were lurking in. It seems as though this store specializes in Asian fish as I saw a multitude of different rasboras and barbs, some really nice!
Here's the best part, while observing a large tank filled with African cichlids, out of the corner of my eye I spot something that looked like a Botia modesta. A smaller one swims right in front of the glass. I probably wouldnt have paid any attention to them if I hadnt observed their tail! There were black spots all over them.
No doubt in my mind that these little guys are none other than the elusive Botia caudipunctata. They look exactly the same as those in the photos that bogdan has under the species profile page. The ones I got are juveniles though.
But wait there's more! A huge Botia eos swims by, then another, and another!
I count up to 6 of these "redtailed botias" as they were labelled on the tank. Needless to say I bought ever single Botia in that tank and the price was only $1.99!
The gentleman who appeared to be the manager explained to me that they havent been selling for months now so he lowered the price and moved them to other tanks.

Other than these the store had Botia morleti, Botia macracantha, Botia sidthimunki, khuli loaches, Botia hyemnophysa, Schistura maherneti, Schistura beavani, Vaillantella maasi (would have got some but we're moving and these are very delicate fish), Pangio shelfordi, Pangio anguillaris. About 10 species of loaches in all. Not bad at all. The most ive seen at any one store ever in my life.


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