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questions, how small is too small for a fish/tank

Posted By: qumqats <qumqats@outel.org>
Date: Tuesday, 2 August 2005, at 4:27 a.m.

I've had quite a string of sad stories in a 2G tank I've been using until recently.

I started out in Aquaria with this 2G tank. I quickly out grew it, graduated to a 30G, and am in the process of upgrading again to a 180G.
( Amazing how fast my clowns have grown! )

However I kept the 2G running until I got so frustrated with it that I gave up and tore it down. I kept killing fish in it!! With the exception of one period of a few months, every fish I put into it died! ( the killer hex! ( hex 2G tank ) )

Some of this I clearly have to shoulder as my fault while I gained some experence. Some of it I think was the LFS selling weak stessed out fish. And some of it is the tank. However I'd like to have a better idea of what I was running into, thus I have the following questions.

1.) Is a 2G tank too small to be a Q tank?
2.) Is a 2G tank too small for a stable cycle?
Is 2G too small to not have the tank re-cycle every time I put a fish in it? Do the waste products build up too fast with this small of a water volume?

3.) How old should a fish be before you buy it and bring it home?
I've brought home some Kuhli and Yo-Yo loaches on several ocassions. None of them have survived, and some of these went into the well established 30G tank. They were all VERY small! Is it best to only buy fish that are a certain age/size?

4.) Should I assume the newly bought fish is sick and treat it with anti-ick and anti-biotics in a Q tank?
Some of the Yo-Yo's I've purchased were clearly suffering from Ick, however I didn't notice this until I got them home. ( I know, maybe I shouldn't buy fish from this LFS any more! )

Sorry for the mass of questions.
Thanks for any answers.


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