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New tank setup suggestions?

Posted By: Trish <loughran@uiuc.edu>
Date: Tuesday, 7 June 2005, at 3:47 p.m.

Mark’s recent posting about his great new brook tank got me thinking about the many loaches I own and the way I currently have them housed. I am about to inherit several large tanks (2 75s and a 125). I already know that I want to use the 125G for my clowns, but while I am upgrading tanks and tank setups, I am wondering if I should also establish more appropriate ecotopes and species groupings (ie, a brook tank, a botia tank, and so on) for my other loaches.

At present, I own fourteen species of loaches and they are housed in the following ways:

75 gallon: 5 clowns, 6 chain loaches, and some green tiger barbs (densely planted, plenty of rocks, tubes, and caves)

75 gallon: 4 modestas, 4 yoyos, 2 dojos, 5 sinobotia pulchra, 1 rostrata, 1 batik, and some green tiger barbs (densely planted, plenty of rocks and caves—so far no signs of trouble from the modestas)

55 gallon: 1 modesta, 5 kubotai, 4 skunks, and some american flag fish (densely planted, plenty of rocks and caves—so far no trouble from the skunks or the modesta)

30 gallon: 1 dojo, 2 young horseheads, 1 “sand loach” (some version of a schistura?), and some rainbowfish (lightly planted, some caves--but only the sand loach really “hides”; the dojo and horseheads lay around openly together on the surface of the substrate at all hours of the day) (it’s possible, I should add, that the horseheads might actually be long-noses)

30 gallon: 3 young tiger loaches and some upside down catfish (lightly planted, many roacks and caves—the tigers can’t seem to get along with anyone but these catfish, who they totally ignore)

20 gallon: 1 red-tailed zebra loach (a schistura), 3 chain loaches, and some platies (lightly planted with just one cave, owned by the schistura, who is quite active in many parts of the tank)

I monitor water conditions in all of these tanks carefully (always doing a weekly water change), and each tank has water movement provided by an HOB (although none have a powerhead currently running).

My question is this: should I set up powerheads in any of these tanks and should I think about regrouping any of the loaches? Honestly, they all appear to me to be doing well: they eat, are growing nicely, and none seem unduly shy or aggressive with one another (except the tigers, who do fight with one another). Nevertheless, since I will be moving some of them to bigger tanks in coming months, I thought I’d ask if the experts had any suggestions.

Thanks in advance for your help.

best, trish


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