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Kuhli loach war, please help

Posted By: Gina
Date: Saturday, 4 June 2005, at 2:02 a.m.

Hello all.
Gotta a quick question. I had a black kuhli loach in my tank. I had him in there for about 1 month or so. And, I just recently purchased 6 golden loaches. Now, the problem. I found my blk loach ripped to shreds around his head and upper body. The only other fish I have in the tank are livebearers, a striped raphael, a pleco and some cories. I hardly think that they did the damage. He was too shredded for any of the other fish to cause.

Does anyone think or know for a fact that the goldens attacked my black(oh and by the way, he died later that night after I put him in the hospital and gave him some Melafix) Now, I'm trying to find out as much info on just kuhli's in general, I'd really like to find some good sites on golden kuhli's, but, alas, I can't find any thing that will tell me of consequence.

I always thought that they were docile, calm and not territorial fish. And, it wasn't even their territory at the time, the black was in the tank first. Unless, they had a territorial fight, I don't know I'm at a loss.

It's been about 4 days now since that happened, so I've ruled out the black loach having some sort of disease. Plus, the other goldens look fine and wriggling around all over the place(I just love watching them) and just looking all around healthy, even coming out to play during the day. :)

Okay so I lied, It wasn't a quick question, but I still hope you guys help me out some here. Thanks alot in advanced.

P.S.-If anyone has a good kuhli loach site out there with good info in it I would much appreciate it. Thanks again


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