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New Project.

Posted By: Martin Thoene <gkadar@sympatico.ca>
Date: Sunday, 22 May 2005, at 6:07 p.m.

We have, shall I say, a surplus of equipment. There's a big Rubbermaid box in our store room, full of fishkeeping equipment. We also have a few empty smaller tanks littered around.

A lot of the stuff was accumulated by Momfish before I knew her, and I've only added to the collection. I guess there's only so much time that can pass before someone like me looks at all this "potential" and has to do something with it.

We have wide, strong windowsills made of terrazo, and I realised that there's room to fit a couple of small tanks end to end. So a 30 x 12 x 12 is now snuggled up to a 20 x 10 x 10.

The substrate in both tanks is sand mixed with Latterite. That used to be in a 30 Breeder that now has gravel. There's some gravel that contains some other plant-friendly substances (can't remember what). So the substrate should be good for the Cryptocorynes yanked from our 55 gallon tank. Sprinkled over the sand is some coarse, rounded beige gravel that came with the 20" tank when we adopted it and the 2 Clowns that lived in it.

I wandered down into the ravine at the back of our apartment yesterday and found some nice pebbles to create lots of nice cover for loaches.

There's some nice holey bogwood pieces in each tank that again came free because of credit I have to use.

There's a small heater in each tank, turned down to the low 70's. On the 20" tank hangs an Aquaclear 200. There's a small pump at one end to give water movement. On the 30 there's an Aquaclear Mini, plus a Top Fin 15 HOB filter. There's another small pump pushing water around that's a bit more powerful than the one in the other tank. Two small air pumps power a big airstone in each tank.

In the 20", I placed a powerhead that is plumbed to pump water into the far end of the 30" tank. The two tanks are connected by multiple U-tube syphons so water can flow between the tanks.

Two 20" tank covers sit on the tanks, with some glass bridging the gaps on the 30". The 30" has a twin bulb light unit (two screw-in CF's), while the 20" currently just has a halogen desk lamp giving it some light. That explains the difference in colour in the picture.

The whole shebang was filled with old tank water, and the Top Fin filter was established, so the tank should settle in OK. I've set them/it up as a contingecy plan. Harold may (please God/Allah/Buddha) be getting in some Homaloptera ogilvei and a couple of Schistura species, so I'm making sure I have space.......plus the Q-tank morphed into a permanent tank....you know how that goes.

Now assuming that these fish come in, and because I have a whole wack of credit left at The Menagerie, the whole setup(s) will basically end up being effectively free. About the only thing I may have to spend some money on is improving the lighting........but then again.....several floors below us in our remote storage locker, I do have some nice Halogen lights that would add serious sparkle and ripple effect to the overall look of this setup. Darn it! Just realised that I would actually have to BUY a transformer for them....sheesh!

The windowsill gets some afternoon sunlight and the tanks look gorgeous with the ripple effect this creates. I would like to get that effect with lighting. The desk lamp works, but it's only 20W, so not that bright. I have 50W 12V Halogen spot lamps bulbs in the storage locker.

;} Martin.

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