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more dead & dying striatas :-(

Posted By: sophie <sophie-usenet@blueyonder.co.uk>
Date: Saturday, 21 May 2005, at 11:24 a.m.

Just over two weeks after purchase, out of five baby striatas I now have one remaining. As I posted before, two died - apparently symptom-free - one week after i bought them. That evening a few ich spots appeared on the remaining fish - I had actually treated prophylactically with protozin at a half dose when I initially got the fish and had wondered if that might have been the cause of death, but as they had been behaving normally the last time I saw them, a few hours before death, I wasn't sure.

Anyway, I treated with a 60% dose this time and the fish seemed fine, though still spotty. Protozin calls for a rest from treatment on days 4 and 5, but by day 5 one of the fish was so riddled with spots, as well as looking distressed (rapid breathing, clamped dorsal fin) that following as much research as possible (as well as advice) I decided to treat at 50%, daily - preceded by a water change. The two smaller fish looked progressively sicker, and yesterday one was lying upside down on the gravel, with obvious septicaemia at the base of the ventral fins, completely unresponsive even to being gently touched. The only sign of life was very rapid breathing. I decided the kindest option was euthanasia. The second smaller fish was obviously in trouble, shimmying, with dreadful fin-rot to the tail, and grey from the base of the tail to the anal fin. It couldn't really hold itself upright in the water and was occasionally swimming upside down. It wasn't interested in food. The slightly larger fish was a little wobbly but otherwise fine.

These symptoms struck me as being something that would definitely indicate neurological or poisoning problmes in a mammal, and I started to think that I was actually poisoning the fish with the protozin :-( So I did a 1/3 water change. This morning I wasn't surprised to find the littler loach upside down, grey all over (except the head) with no tail at all - again, only sign of life was rapid breathing - and again killed it as quickly as possible. The bigger one was much wobblier and though it was trying to eat it was having problems getting at the food - it would try next to a pellet, or move in the opposite direction. This still seemed consistent with poisoning to me so I haven't dosed with the protozin.

Later today, the last remaining fish is still wobbly and has a slightly shredded tail and some ich, but can now eat properly (the gouramis in the q tank with him are quite ridiculously fat now). I don't want to use any more protozin at the moment and am inclined to go with 50% water changes daily - does this sound sesnible? Is there any chance of getting rid of the ich without medicating - or does the fish soiund like a lost cause?

two other queries.

1) am I too incompetent to try to keep these fish? They were very small when I first got them, but the shop says they haven't had problems with them and they are a reputable place. I would love to try again, but I'm really wary of killing any more fish.

2) given that the two gouramis are symptom free, at what stage do I add them to the main tank? If the remaining striata dies, should I treat the q tank with the protozin at full strength then add the gouramis after another two weeks? there are kuhlis in the main tank and I would be very very sad indeed to give them ich, I'm very attached to them.

any and all advice and comments very gratefully received.


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