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VERY sick clown loaches (velvet?)

Posted By: Nes
Date: Sunday, 27 March 2005, at 11:11 p.m.

I always know something is really wrong when my clown loaches are running up & down underneath the filter by the heater & I'm really worried I'm going to loose my school! :(

About a month ago I moved my clown loaches from my 120 gallon to a 70 (ish) gallon (just for fish reasons) and of course they hid for the first bit, and with the exception of my 8" clown loach, I havn't seen any of my clown loaches until 4/5 days ago.

The 8" was the last cl I added to my school and the 9 of them have been together from september-december with ich only appearing in the first 3 in september (which was very quickly cured).

Once I saw what the cls were doing yesterday night I really got worried - I had just cleaned the tank & changed the filter so there is no water reasons why they should be acting like this (and really my water is quite clean & good). So I quickly tossed in 1/2 tbsp. of Aquarisol because they usually do the running up & down thing if they are suffering form internal parasites.

The cls have been eating well while they have been hiding form me & get a full diet of dead fish, bloodworms, algea pellets, etc.

They were living with 3 african cichlid (o. ventralis from tanginyika) and a bunch of con babies which I don't think have been living with cls before but are all quite healhty and never show'd any signs of disease.

Tank temp is about 80F

BUT tonight (I hadn't been in the fish room at all today - sunday is no food day) I had the sudden urge to go check on the CL and I found one of my africans had died today (very odd - with the excepting of slightly more muscus under the gils the fish looks FINE) and my large cl is COVERED in a very fine white fuzzy crap.

I'm guessing this is some sort of slime coat infection which came on from the bacterial infection they seem to be suffering from.

I added another 2 & 1/2 tbsp. of prima fix into the mix to combat the slime coat infection but I'm really not sure how to continue.

I've not done velvet in years & I've never had it in clown loaches so any medication suggestions are MUCH appreciated.


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