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Heavy breathing clown :(

Posted By: richardc <richard@databridge.co.uk>
Date: Friday, 25 February 2005, at 5:21 p.m.

Hi all,

I have a problem.... here's this whole 9 yards;

@@@350 ltr tank, established a year ago, discus intorduced a week ago;
Substrate silica sand covering heater cable, inert black silica gravel covering
Planted with various high-temp plants
Fair amount of bogwood, some planted
Ehiem exteral filter and heater, running through 90cm spraybar below the surface
Denerle co2, on a timer 6 hours per day with the main lights
Low lux lights 1 hr before and after main lights
60cm air curtain, run when all lights are off at a fairly sedate level

@@@The gang;
2 x 8"red/brown discus (or red turk hybrids or red.. oh, I'm not sure - see other post in discus strains) (1 week from the shop)
5 x 4" clown loaches (2yrs on)
3 x 5" Genuine SAE (large, and they don't bother the discus) (2yrs on)
3 x 4" Pearl Gori (1yr on)
1 x 4" Scooby plec (1yr on)
c30 Black neon tetra (1.5yrs on)
c60 cardinal tetra (1.5yrs on)

Ph 6.6, Kh 3, Gh 4, O2 7ppm (80-90% saturated), Temp 27.5c, Ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 30. Ok the params do change a bit from end of nighttime 02 to end of daytime co2, but not by much.
Was 10% change every week up to a month ago, now 15% every 3-4 days

@@@Now you're asleep - here's the issue.....
Just over week ago introduced the 2 discus
3 days ago I found a black neon close to the bottom, hovering nose up breathing at a phenom rate. I took him out and culled him as I had seen this with another black neon some moths ago that ended up dying.
2 days ago I found a dead cardinal at the bottom of the tank, scooped him out and had a look - nothing obvious. Also spotted a non-shoaling cardinal at the bottom of the tank, hovering above the gravel, breathing very heavily (200+ GB/min). Took him out and put him in a 15ltr QT tank, dosed with anti-bact "Myxazin", and 3 very small live bloodworm - which he ignored.

Yesterday called the lfs who suggested it may be gill parasites.. noticed 2 of the clown loaches beathing heavy

Last night I did a 98% water change on the QT tank and dosed with a paracide/protocide "Protozin". Although the cardinal is still breathing heavy and not eaten the live bloodworm, he's moving about the tank and behaving heathier this morning.

More cardinals in the main tanks are starting to breathe heavily, most tetras are unaffected.

I went for Protozin last night.... the cardinal in the 15ltr qt tank has recovered after 2 days of Protozin at full dose really happy about that, but feel guilty about culling the black neon which I might have been able to save

But one of the loaches is not with the rest of the gang and breathing heavily. I'm on day 3 of the protozin course, which means no more doses until day 6. Any ideas? Should I move im to the qt tank? Help loach fans!

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