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loaches talking

Posted By: tonkablue <tigress04@msn.com>
Date: Monday, 14 February 2005, at 11:34 a.m.

Ok, the other day I fed some shrimp pellets to my 5 clowns and they all grazed merrily clicking away, or at least it seemed so, I don't know, I'm not a loach. I've read from various sources that they make this sound when they are unhappy, but the majoity of sources say that they click when they are happy. Two loaches of mine have been fighting and I have not heard the clicking at those times, but when they were grazing. A couple of questions, since loaches are a relatively new fish to me.

Are they happy or agitated when clicking?

Anyone hear anything about how the sound is physically made? I have watched them intently when they click and I do no see any mouth movements that would seem to go with the clicking, nor any fin folding or strange swimming.

Also I was told that they will stay in a school and mine never school. They commonly are all over the tank in two's or even alone. They appear to be happy otherwise. I have a couple who have shown some darkening coloration, (an extra spot of black that is light) I have heard this is a positive sign. They appear fat, with good bright color overall and only show bleaching when they are scrapping. I have 3 larger about 3 inches, and 2 that are about an inch. I started with 6, I had one inexplicable death, one of the smaller ones showed a red gill area and simply died. They live in a 92 gal. tank filtered by a fluval 404, and we use a magnum 350 as a water polisher, because they live with a black arawana, (sometimes called a blue arawana)who is extremely fussy about water quality, so we filter the heck out of our water and perform water changes often, and constantly test the water quality, (2-3 times a week). We keep water at 7.0 PH, 0 NH3, 0 No2, and at 20 NO3 we perform a water change (generally 50%, but if any fish are showing any stress at all we will decrease the amount and change out the 50% over a weeks time). Are there any other parameters that you loach keepers feel are of major importance, specific gravity, or perhaps hardness and buffering capacity. I have heard that unexplained deaths are not uncommon. They are fed an extremely varied diet and eat just about anything I throw at them. Frozen krill, frozen blood worms, shrimp pellets, algae disks, meat disks, also floating meat sticks that they come and take from the top. In addition they have a large piece of bogwood and a smaller piece at the other side of the tank and I see them on the bogwood often as well. Mine worked through their major shyness in about a week and are always out in the open. I never have issues performing a head count. They are never in the caves and only rarely under the bogwood. They live in a well established tank so they should be able to pick up some algae as well to round out their diet. I guess does this sound good? Anything I should add or change? They have recently become more friendly to me, and one came over to check out my finger when I put it to the glass last night. I have had them for 3 months now.

I know I have several questions imbedded in this post thank you for reading it, as it is lengthy, but any answers I get other people new to Clowns may also see and then we've all helped right? Thanks

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