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black kuhli problem?

Posted By: sophie <sophie@hippocampi.com>
Date: Sunday, 13 February 2005, at 7:05 a.m.

hello again; you were all so helpful before Christmas I was hoping someone might have some ideas for me.

I've got a group of five black kuhlis (sold as such but I think they must be pangio javanicus). I haven't had them for very long, but as far as I can tell their behaviour is pretty normal - they hide in a driftwood cave and wriggle round the base of plant growth occasionally by day, and they come out at night and swim madly around the edges of the tank and round and through anything in the tank. They don't like open water at all. They're eating fine, temp in the tank is just over 24*C.

One of them now looks as if it's covered in scratches - pink skin showing through the black in definite scratchmarks. Its face is also blotchy. It didn't look like this initially and the scratches started of as a couple and then multiplied. (I've never had a case of ich but from what I can tell it doesn't look at all like ich; the marks are definitely long and thin.) It's eating fine and behaving pretty much like the others although I think it may be a little less active at night. The others are all fine, as are a small school of rasboras and a dwarf gourami.

Does this mean anything to anyone? should I worry? So far I'm not treating as such (I have no idea what to treat for!) although I am changing out a bit over a quarter of the water on a daily basis. I should perhaps add that all the tank's inhabitants are new, but that the tank and filter are mature (over a year old) and to the best of my knowledge have never had a disease in there except for a couple of stressed weatherfish who lay around looking unhappy for a while (one developed finrot) and then made a full recovery. I've been monitoring the water and there was a very small ammonia spike that lasted for about 12 hours; the nitrite spike that must have followed it was over before I got to test.

Any and all ideas will be very gratefully received!

(and if Emma's reading this, I am still regretting not making it to the shop after Christmas; things didn't work out quite as planned. I'm still hoping to get to you one day soon!)

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