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New Zebra Loach Questions

Posted By: namaste <onedogthreefish@yahoo.com>
Date: Sunday, 2 January 2005, at 5:51 p.m.

Hi everybody,

I'm seriously thinking about getting some Zebra Loaches this week & I really want to make sure I do this right. My main questions deal with transporting the loaches, quarantining and tank compatability. My reason for getting the loaches is two-fold, first, my planted tank is over-run with ramshorn snails and second, I love to have fish with silly personalities in a tank :) And I love that loaches can live as long as dogs!

>>>RE: Transport
It's about a 30 mile drive from the only fish store in the Phoenix valley that carries Zebra Loaches back to my home. Any recommendations for ensuring the fishes' safety over such a long trip?

>>>RE: Quarantine
How long should I quarantine the loaches for before moving them into the main tank? Typically I QT fish in a clean 5 gal. bucket kept just for that purpose. It's kept to the same specs as the main tank (a 20 gal.), same water, same temp, etc. with the exception of plastic plants instead of live plants and a corner filter instead of a hang-on-the-back filter. I pull water changes on the QT tank every other day to maintain water quality.

>>>RE: The Tank They'll Be Moving Into
The fish store has just 2 zebra loaches available. Would this setup be comfortable enough for them?

3 adult platys (probably 1 yr old)
1 adult neon
1 (probably 1 yr old) oto
1 one-month old platy fry
2 one-week old platy fry
(some of the platys will probably be adopted out)

Also, lots of ramshorn snails that came with some plants I just got (I'm looking forward to having loaches to eat these.)

Tank Conditions:
20 gallon long

AquaClear 150 HOB filter (mechanical/chem/bio)

Neptune 200 heater (set to 75 deg.)

Fine gravel substrate (about 1 1/2" deep)

Resin cave (aprox. 8" long x 5" wide)

Heavily planted (1 Ambulia, 2 Hygrophilia polysperma, 2 Rotalla indica, 3 lg. clumps Java Moss, 5 Aponogentons, 6 Lilys, 4 Echinodorus bolivianus and Duckweed)

Nitrate/Nitrite: 0-.25

Ph: 8
(I've read that loaches are adaptable, but I'm worried that the Ph might be too much. We have *really* hard water out here in AZ.)

Sorry about such a long post, I just want to give them the best quality of life and best chance for survival.



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