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Aaack! Help!

Posted By: shari <sanford9@optonline.net>
Date: Sunday, 28 November 2004, at 5:16 p.m.

Friday nite I noticed one small ich cyst on the tail fin of a day-glo tetra. EEEK! Ok, so I haven't been as diligent with water changes on my big tank as I should have been lately. Usually do about 50% weekly. Lately have gone to every other week, sometimes three weeks. The angels in the tank are still breeding, etc. Thought to my self, "Well, there ya go. Gotta do them water changes no matter what's up with the rest of your life!"

So on Friday I did a major water change and gravel vac. Then treated the tank with Quick Cure at half dose because of the tetra with one spot in the tank. Watched the tank for a while and everyone seemed to be tolerating the med ok. I lowered the water level and left the temp at 82F. Plenty of oxygen bubbles from the filter. Penn Plax 1000 on a 50g tank. Lots of plants and hiding spaces and a medium sized ironwood stump with java moss and fern.

Saturday the affected tetra was lookin mighty orange and unhappy, mouth up to the surface. The red finned shark was gasping and looking grey and fat (more so than usual) I did another smaller water change and added the second day of med at half dose.

Today-5 minutes ago-my son yells out, "Mom! Keri's shark is dead! He got sucked up the filter!" I dash to the tank to see what's up and not only is the shark gonners, so are my small 3" modesta, my otocinclus, and the last remaining praecox rainbow of a school of 10. EEGADS! What's up?

I don't have a water test kit since I stopped testing water a long time ago so I can't test the water. But, the 3 angels, two red eye tetras, two cory cats AND the stupid day glo who started all this are fine and happy. The day glo is schooling with the cardinals (four of em) and the rest of the fish are up begging for food as I'm trying to clean out the gunk from dead fish! The oto's eyes are gone, he must have passed on first, the others are all intact. No sign of anything wrong on either the rainbowfish or the modesta. No spots, no red streaks, no ich, no bloating, no fin damage, no popping gills, no cloudy eyes....The rainbow shark had some bloating and a grey blotch on one side today that looked like scratches yesterday.

Unfortunately, in the process of cleaning up the carnage I noticed that both the remaining loaches--a large 4+ fat modesta and my last remaining yo yo are now showing grey/white streaks on their sides. Looks like skin sloughing off, or like someone scratched them all up. Of course it's Sunday so I have no access to the lfs for emergency water test stuff or meds. All I have on hand is discomed capsules and hexamit. SOB!!!

The three clown loaches are (so far)seemingly unaffected showing good color and activity. I'm at a loss here. Don't know if I can get a pic of the yo yo or the modesta--even if I do the chances of the pic being any good are slim. But I'm gonna go try and see what I get.

Meanwhile, any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I may try moving the two loaches to the qtank after I get the remaining angel runts I've been babying out to another tank. This is NOT on my agenda for tonite, however, when you gotta, you gotta...

Off to take some pics.


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