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Stocking density

Posted By: Dave C <dclubine@shaw.ca>
Date: Thursday, 25 November 2004, at 8:04 p.m.

What is a safe stocking level? I have my 120g tanks up and running now. In one tank I've got the following:

8 clown loaches
1 Black Ghost Knife
4 Boesmani Rainbows
8 Praecox Rainbows
4 Synodontis Flavitaeniatus
6 Sailfin Mollies
2 L177 Plecos
6 Farlowella cats
1 Queen Arabesque Pleco
2 Emperor Pleco L204
6 Otocinclus
12 Bristlenose plecos

In another 120g I've got:

18 German Blue Rams
10 Gold Rams
1 Black Ghost Knife
2 Sunshine Pleco (L14)
4 Tiger Botias
50 Cardinal Tetras
17 Schwartzi Corydoras
6 Otocinclus
12 Bristlenose plecos
4 Skunk Loach
3 Weather Loach
6 Yoyo Loach
6 Zebra Loach

They don't seem crowded at all, but plenty of activity. I vacuum the bottom of both tanks daily. The Clown loach tank has black sand, the Ram tank has silica sand. Vacuuming removes about 25% of the water. Both tanks are filtered by a wet/dry as well as a HOT Magnum. I don't plan to add anything significan in terms of size to either tank.

Here's a pic of the Ram tank, just planted that day.

btw, this tank has 200w of light over 120g so all plants are low light types. This is a low tech tank, not meant to be densely planted. And the plants were put in the day before this pic was taken. There, all the legal stuff taken care of. :)

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