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loaches with ich help

Posted By: djcyborg <djcyborg@mchsi.com>
Date: Sunday, 31 October 2004, at 11:11 p.m.

i just recently set up my tank 2 or 3 weeks ago had it up and running and put some start-zyme bio spira stuff in there to help cycle the tank, thursday i brought home 2 clown loaches and the next day noticed they had ich just a small amount on their tails didnt have time to go buy any meds for them but added some salt and raised the temp a few degrees anyways one died on saturday and i took him back and got two Botia striata "tiger, candy stripe loaches" only around half an inch each the only reason i bought them is becausee i read that loaches like to be in groups and they didnt have anymore clowns but the two striata dont show the ich but im assuming they have it too,, well anyways i did a 25% water change today raised the temp a little more its at 82 i think thats as high i can get it with this heater and started medicating with half dosage of quick cure "malachite green & formalin" at 13 to 14 drops tank is 30 gallons. there seems to be pretty good circulation in the water with power head and pengiun bio whell running,, a few questions, the bottle of quick cure wasnt very specific do i do water changes in between each dosage 13 to 14 drops a day for 3 days or after 3 days do a water change?? and re dose.. also i havent really seen them eating i have some sinking food for loaches and a flake that has top mid and bottom pellets in it i try to remove most of the food i can get after 30 minutes to an hour there seems to be a lot of water movement though the food just moves around a lot... sorry about the long post any help would be greatfull, thanks in advance


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