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Erik, Barbara, Jim Powers: Aqua UV Advantage 2000

Posted By: LeadFoot <leadfoot@sbcglobal.net>
Date: Friday, 22 October 2004, at 1:35 a.m.

It seems the vendors selling the Emperor Aquatics units are pretty flaky, probably due to the fact EA governs their vendors' prices too heavily. Seems that your license to resell is revoked if your prices aren't set at least as high as an EA-defined standard. So much for competitive pricing. Sounds more like price-fixing to me! Maybe I should report them...

Anyway, I took your suggestion, contacted Marine Depot, and got an Advantage 2000 8 watt. It's small, light weight, and installed easily. Seems to be a well-made unit for indoor use, too, so all in all a nice unit.

The real test was running it. I'm running it with a Maxi-Jet 600; I figure I'm running through at about 100-125 gph. My water is CRYSTAL clear now. Unbelievable!

If you recall a severe algae bloom struck my 75 gallon; so heavy was the water that you literall could not see past 2" from the glass, no matter which pane you looked through - front or sides. I tried a TetraTecUV1 9 watt sterilizer, which indeed killed the algae, but I didn't think the design of the unit allowed for maximum efficiency for sterilizing, especially for US$129, so I returned it after a week of use.

Then I ordered an EA unit from 2 different vendors, and each flaked. I gave up on that line and went with the Advantage 2000. By the time I got it, it was 10 days since I returned the TetraTec unit, and the algae had not come back. I installed the Advantage 2000 and in 2 days the water was CRYSTAL clear!

Now, I'm running an Eheim Pro II 2128 rated for 160 gallons on this 75 gallon tank, which does a great job, but I swear, the Advantage 2000 REALLY cleared up the water. Not to say that the water was always green or cloudy (prior to the recent algae bloom), but when you looked from the side of the tank, you could see... well, water! Not cloudy water, just water. It's hard to explain.

Now, on one of my other 6 tanks, I ran a UGF at one time, and if you've ever run one, you know the water in a UGF'd tank is crystal clear, much clearer than with other filters.

Well, the Eheim proved to be a great filter on this 75, but in the year that this tank's been up, the water never looked as clear as the UGF'd tank. But, you should see it now. It really is unbelievable! If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I would never have believed that the Advantage 2000 UV sterilizer could have provided such a dramatic change. While some might argue that any UV unit would do that, I know better. Remember, I had a and 18 watt Custom SeaLife unit there for a nearly a year in the past, then the TetraTec UV1, but even then the tank wasn't this clear. I wish you could see this tank.

Moral of the story is you can't go wrong with this unit, and this little 8 watt unit is rated for 200 gallons. While I never used to think you should run close to a product's limit, from what I'm seeing, I bet it works just as well on a 225 as on my 75. Agreed, it may not sterlize as quickly, but I'm confident it would eventually do the job on a much larger tank. And, although it's not the cheapest unit, it's fairly inexpensive, and worth much more than every penny I paid, especially when you compare the price, quality and results to other units like I did.

Just thought you should know. Oh, and thanks alot for the initial recommendation! :-) And, thank you, Barbara, for sharing your opinions on Aqua UV. Now, I want one on my other tanks, but to similarly equip all my other tanks, now THAT would start getting expensive! :-)

Jim, give it up on the Custom SeaLife unit. I promise you're WAY better off eating the loss like I did, and getting an Aqua UV unit. To me, even this light-duty Advantage 2000 unit is worth the price of BOTH the CSL and this unit combined!

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