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I miss the snails!

Posted By: Tim Clarke <timothy_f_clarke@yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Monday, 18 October 2004, at 6:51 a.m.

Well, not so much the snails, but the way they eat the algae!

I got interested in loaches originally because I bought some clown loaches to get rid of the hundreds of snails I had. Now they've all been eaten, my driftwood, filter and java fern are all under attack by the algae.

So...I was thinking of getting some shrimps to combat it. Knowing nothing about shrimp though, I thought I'd ask here as there must be loads of folk who have had to combat algae once the snails have gone! If anyone has any experience of shrimps, how good are they at combatting algae, and what type and how many (per US gallon) should I be looking at getting? Would I be in danger of the shrimps being eaten?

On the other hand, in case shrimp aren't the answer (though I hope they are because they'll be an interesting feature of the tank) what fish would anyone suggest? I'm fed up with trying to clean the algae off by hand and failing miserably. What's more, I'd rather find a nice natural way of doing it.

The tank consists of clown loaches, swordtails, scissortail rasboras and tetras (the type escapes me at the moment). I'll be setting up a 4 or 5 foot tank soon for the clown loaches and scissortails and would like to keep that water slightly acidic, so I'd prefer if whatever I get is ideal in those conditions.

Hope the message makes sense, I'm being nagged to go for lunch!


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