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Current Botine taxonmy

Posted By: Mark in Vancouver <markmark@telus.net>
Date: Tuesday, 5 October 2004, at 8:10 p.m.

Igor Sheremetyev sent me this complete and up to date listing of all the taxa for Botia species, with original authors and dates they were recorded. Sadly, I don't seem able to send it as a table, the way it was sent to me. Anyone who wants to see the orginal can have it forwarded just for asking.

The first name that appears for each fish is the legitimate name, which Igor encourages us to adopt. This is followed by the various synonymous names. I love that in 1839 McClelland described the Yoyo as a species of Schistura. Apparently, we've come a long way to better understanding and classification.

Botia almorhae Botia almorhae Gray 1831
Botia almorhae Botia grandis Gray 1832
Botia almorhae Schistura maculata McClelland 1839
Botia almorhae Botia lohachata Chaudhuri 1912
Botia almorhae Botia almorhae Shrestha 1978
Botia birdi Botia birdi Chaudhuri 1909
Botia birdi Botia javedi Mirza & Syed 1995
Botia blythi Botia blythi Bleeker 1863
Botia citrauratea Botia citrauratea Nichols 1925
Botia compressicauda Botia compressicauda Nichols 1931
Botia dario Cobitis dario Hamilton 1822
Botia dario Cobitis geto Hamilton 1822
Botia dario Hymenphysa dario McClelland 1839
Botia dario Diacantha flavicauda Swainson 1839
Botia dario Botia dario Day 1878
Botia dario Botia dario Talwar & Jhingran 1991
Botia elongata Botia elongata Mai 1978
Botia fangi Botia fangi Tchang 1930
Botia geto Botia geto
Botia geto Botia geto
Botia geto Diacantha zebra Swainson 1839
Botia geto Canthophrys zebra Swainson 1839
Botia gigantea Botia gigantea Mai 1978
Botia hexafurca Botia hexafurca Mai 1978
Botia histrionica Botia histrionica Blyth 1860
Botia kubotai Botia kubotai Kottelat 2004
Botia kwangsiensis Botia kwangsiensis Fang 1936
Botia kwangsiensis Hymenophysa kwangsiensis Fang 1936
Botia macrolineata Botia macrolineata Teugels, De Vos & Snoeks 1986
Botia multifasciata Botia multifasciata Regan 1905
Botia pulchripinnis Botia pulchripinnis Paysan 1970
Botia purpurea Botia purpurea Nichols 1925
Botia rostrata Botia rostrata GŁnther 1868
Botia striata Botia striata Narayan Rao 1920
Botia striata Botia striata Rao & Seshachar 1927
Botia striata Botia striata var. kolhapurensis Kalawar & Kelkar 1956
Botia variegata Botia variegata GŁnther 1889
Botia xanthi Nemachilus xanthi GŁnther 1888
Botia xanthi Nemachilus xanthi GŁnther 1888
Botia xanthi Nemacheilus xanthi GŁnther 1888
Botia xanthi Botia xanthi Wang 1984
Botia yunnanensis Botia yunnanensis Chen 1980
Botia zebra Botia zebra Wu 1939
Chromobotia macracanthus Botia macracantha authors
Chromobotia macracanthus Cobitis macracanthus Bleeker 1852
Chromobotia macracanthus Botia macracanthus Roberts 1989
Chromobotia macracanthus Chromobotia macracanthus Kottelat 2004
Leptobotia curta Botia curta
Leptobotia curta Capoeta curta Temminck & Schlegel 1846
Leptobotia curta Leptobotia curta Sawada in Masuda et al. 1984
Leptobotia elongata Botia elongata Bleeker 1870
Leptobotia elongata Leptobotia elongata Bleeker 1870
Leptobotia elongata Leptobotia elongata Ding 1994
Leptobotia flavolineata Leptobotia flavolineata Wang 1981
Leptobotia guiliensis Leptobotia guiliensis Chen 1980
Leptobotia hengyangensis Leptobotia hengyangensis Huang & Zhang 1986
Leptobotia intermedia Leptobotia intermedia Mori 1929
Leptobotia kudoii Leptobotia kudoii Mori 1933
Leptobotia mantschurica Leptobotia mantschurica Berg 1907
Leptobotia mantschurica Leptobotia hopeiensis Shaw & Tchang 1931
Leptobotia microphthalma Leptobotia microphthalma Fu & Ye 1983
Leptobotia orientalis Leptobotia orientalis Xu, Fang & Wang in Wang 1984
Leptobotia pellegrini Leptobotia pellegrini Fang 1936
Leptobotia posterodorsalis Leptobotia posterodorsalis Lan & Chen in Chen & Lan 1992
Leptobotia rubrilabris Parabotia rubrilabris Guichenot in Dabry de Thiersant 1872
Leptobotia rubrilabris Botia pratti GŁnther 1892
Leptobotia rubrilabris Leptobotia rubrilabris Ding 1994
Leptobotia taeniops Parabotia taeniops Sauvage (ex Guichenot) 1878
Leptobotia taeniops Leptobotia taeniops Ding 1994
Leptobotia tchangi Leptobotia tchangi Fang 1936
Leptobotia tientainensis Leptobotia hansuiensis
Leptobotia tientainensis Leptobotia tientainensis
Leptobotia tientainensis Botia tientainensis Wu 1930
Leptobotia tientainensis Leptobotia tientainensis hansuiensis Fang & Hsu 1980
Parabotia banarescui Leptobotia banarescui Nalbant 1965
Parabotia banarescui Parabotia banarescui Kottelat 2004
Parabotia bimaculata Parabotia bimaculata Chen 1980
Parabotia dubia Parabotia dubia Kottelat 2001
Parabotia fasciata Leptobotia fasciata
Parabotia fasciata Parabotia fasciatus Guichenot in Dabry de Thiersant 1872
Parabotia fasciata Parabotia fasciata Dabry de Thiersant 1872
Parabotia fasciata Parabotia fasciata Guichenot in Dabry de Thiersant 1872
Parabotia fasciata Botia wui Chang 1944
Parabotia fasciata Parabotia fasciata Ding 1994
Parabotia lijangensis Parabotia lijangensis Chen 1980
Parabotia maculosa Botia maculosa Wu 1939
Parabotia maculosa Parabotia maculosa Kottelat 2004
Parabotia parva Parabotia parva Chen 1980
Sinibotia longiventralis Botia longiventralis Yang & Chen 1992
Sinibotia longiventralis Sinibotia longiventralis Yang & Chen 1992
Sinibotia pulchra Botia pulchra Wu 1939
Sinibotia pulchra Sinibotia pulchra Kottelat 2004
Sinibotia reevesae Botia reevesae Chang 1944
Sinibotia reevesae Sinibotia reevesae Kottelat 2004
Sinibotia robusta Botia dayi Hora 1932
Sinibotia robusta Botia robusta Wu 1939
Sinibotia robusta Sinibotia robusta Kottelat 2004
Sinibotia superciliaris Botia superciliaris GŁnther 1892
Sinibotia superciliaris Sinibotia superciliaris Kottelat 2004
Syncrossus beauforti Botia formosa
Syncrossus beauforti Botia beauforti Smith 1931
Syncrossus beauforti Botia lucasbahi Fowler 1937
Syncrossus beauforti Botia lucas-bahi Fowler 1937
Syncrossus beauforti Botia beauforti var. formosa Pellegrin & Fang 1940
Syncrossus beauforti Syncrossus beauforti Kottelat 2004
Syncrossus berdmorei Syncrossus berdmorei Blyth 1860
Syncrossus berdmorei Botia berdmorei Talwar & Jhingran 1991
Syncrossus helodes Botia helodes Sauvage 1876
Syncrossus helodes Syncrossus helodes Kottelat 2004
Syncrossus hymenophysa Cobitis hymenophysa Bleeker 1852
Syncrossus hymenophysa Hymenophysa macclellandi Bleeker 1858-59
Syncrossus hymenophysa Botia hymenophysa Kottelat 1984
Syncrossus hymenophysa Botia hymenophysa Roberts 1989
Syncrossus hymenophysa Syncrossus hymenophysa Kottelat 2004
Syncrossus reversa Botia reversa Roberts 1989
Syncrossus reversa Syncrossus reversa Kottelat 2004
Yasuhikotakia caudipunctata Botia caudipunctata Taki & Doi 1995
Yasuhikotakia caudipunctata Yasuhikotakia caudipunctata Kottelat 2004
Yasuhikotakia eos Botia eos Taki 1972
Yasuhikotakia eos Yasuhikotakia eos Kottelat 2004
Yasuhikotakia lecontei Botia lecontei Fowler 1937
Yasuhikotakia lecontei Yasuhikotakia lecontei Kottelat 2004
Yasuhikotakia longidorsalis Botia longidorsalis Taki & Doi 1995
Yasuhikotakia longidorsalis Yasuhikotakia longidorsalis Kottelat 2004
Yasuhikotakia modesta Botia modesta Bleeker 1865
Yasuhikotakia modesta Botia rubripinnis Sauvage 1876
Yasuhikotakia modesta Yasuhikotakia modesta Kottelat 2004
Yasuhikotakia morleti Botia morleti Tirant 1885
Yasuhikotakia morleti Botia horae Smith 1931
Yasuhikotakia morleti Yasuhikotakia morleti Kottelat 2004
Yasuhikotakia nigrolineata Botia nigrolineata Kottelat & Chu 1987
Yasuhikotakia nigrolineata Hymenophysa nigrolineata Kottelat & Chu 1987
Yasuhikotakia nigrolineata Yasuhikotakia nigrolineata Kottelat 2004
Yasuhikotakia sidthimunki Botia sidthimunki Klausewitz 1959
Yasuhikotakia sidthimunki Yasuhikotakia sidthimunki Kottelat 2004
Yasuhikotakia splendida Botia splendida Roberts 1995
Yasuhikotakia splendida Yasuhikotakia splendida Kottelat 2004


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