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20 Gallon Long Woes

Posted By: Taratron
Date: Sunday, 26 September 2004, at 4:24 p.m.

So I've had this tank in my bedroom for a little over a year now, and I realize that I am completely bored of the fish in there, save for a few!

I realize also how shallow that sounds. Mmm. Yes, I went and bought these fish, some of them 10 months ago, and they just don't excite me, or entice me. Gods, I sound like someone who only adopts a cat if its fur matches the furniture.

Does this happen to anyone else?

It's quite a mix of fish. A pair of BN pl*cos I just can't get to spawn (and the female is filled with eggs right now too!), 3 nezzie swordtails, habrosus cories, and some peacock gobies, all of which I love and want to keep. However, there's a croaking gourami I've had for a while, and he was the bottom of the totem pole when I had other croakers, but brilliant blue and purple. I get rid of the competition, and now he spends his time hiding. The cherry barbs were a nice addition, until the males all went harikiri, and now the females are taking to nipping at the fins of the dwarf cories. I even added some peppered cories, paletus, some months ago, and I see them emerge from the thicket of plants maybe once or twice a week. My bronze cories are out and about all the time, but not these guys. My BANJO cats are out more often!

So is it something I am doing wrong? I change the water, 50%, twice a week, fertilize the plants, masses of java moss and hornwort, twice a week. Feeding every other day, usually wafers, frozen, or live food.

So I'm not pleased with the tank. I want to revamp it, redo the plant scene, toss the barbs, the gourami, and the peppered cories to the fish auction. Maybe turn this into a Lake Tang shelldweller tank, which means I need to move the bristlenoses and the swords and the others, but I just don't know.

Does anyone else revamp a tank like so?


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