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In Need of Advice and Help

Posted By: Dancesalone <dancesalone@hotmail.com>
Date: Monday, 20 September 2004, at 10:50 p.m.

I've got trouble of some sort in my 125 gallon and cannot figure out what exactly is going on. Hoping someone can please give me some advice.

The 125 houses:
6 Clown's
3 YoYo's
1 Supposed to be YoYo
8 Rainbows
1 True Siamese Algae Eater
1 Angel
2 Apple Snails
I've had all of these fish and snails for a long time, no new inhabitants. These are all large fish.

3 of the Rainbows wouldn't eat this am, tonight they still cannot eat (they tried, mouthed the food but couldn't swallow)and the YoYo's are now not eating and hiding. The rainbows kind of just hang together in one spot. There are no visible signs of disease like ICH or white patches/red streaks, bloat, the things one normally looks for. The rest of the fish are acting 'normal' and eating. One of the clowns is very dark and has stayed that way all day. Did a water exchange yesterday as I do every weekend. I exchange 50 gallons of water each time and gravel vac, clean out the filters ect.

My water param. are 0 ppm Amonia, 0 Nitrite, less than 20 Nitrate, GH 20 ppm, KH close to 120 ppm, PH 7.0. These are normal for this tank. It is filtered by 2-XP3 Canister Filters, 1-Emperor 400, 1-330 Penguin and a Sponge Filter. Temp-82 degrees F.

Do I medicate this tank or wait and see. Quite surely it has got me a little edgy as I do not know what is exactly going on and do hate to wait to long if I need to medicate but for what? I have seen them flashing a bit lately also. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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