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Posted By: Martin Thoene <gkadar@sympatico.ca>
Date: Saturday, 18 September 2004, at 2:26 p.m.

So Momfish and I are out and about in North Toronto doing some grocery shopping. We're just round the corner from a Big Als branch, so I convince her that I ought to go check out if there's anything "interesting".

You know you get those odd occasions when you look in a tank and go "Ooh!"? Because there's something in there that turns your crank? My crank turned several times and the Loach engine fired up on all eight cylinders!

First I see some little Schistura type loaches I've never seen before. They are long and serpentine, no stripes before the dorsal, but posterior of that they have fine stripes. The tail is red. Closest I can get to them is:


I carry on looking around and head for the area they always have hillstreams. A few Beaufortia in one tank accompanied by a single Schistura kongphengi (I think). That's been there for ages.

THEN I look into one of the top tanks in the same bank. WOW! There's a mass of what might be Parabotia fasciata, although I don't recall these ones having the prominent cheek spots:


With them, there's a couple of Botia robusta, plus some nice Leptobotis guiliensis. Then I start REALLY looking..........gotta check for oddballs eh?

Then I see a Parabotia sp., probably Parabotia lijiangensis.........then another. Then I see another Parabotia species. This one has vertical lines of spots instead of stripes anterior of the dorsal...quite pretty.

So, a real mixed bag, all Chinese in origin, most likely. Not often you walk in a shop and find 4 loach species that you've never even seen before.

Ken Childs? Anything to do with you? :)



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