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Gastromyzon diets

Posted By: Taratron <taratron@hotmail.com>
Date: Monday, 21 June 2004, at 11:37 a.m.

I'll admit it, I did a very very dumb thing recently. Was at a pet store that most everyone loves, because they have huge display tanks, both salt and freshwater, but then again, most everyone thinks that the dyed parrotfish are "pretty," and I'm a fool not to like them. Most people also think that there is nothing wrong with dyed tetras, or many deformed species of hybrid fish.

How on Earth this store got hillstream loaches is beyond me. I saw three of them in a tank filled with tiger barbs, dyed "blueberry" tetras, and rubbernose plecos. I should have left them in the store, I really should have. But I didn't. I ended up with all three of them, and without a proper tank to put them in.

Right now, they are in my 20 gallon tank (it's a 20 long), with some cories, BN pleco, and a trio of cherry barbs. The tank is planted, as has 2 AquaClear 200's on it, for current for the pleco.

I've had these guys for three weeks, and I know fish can survive for a time without food, but three weeks is pushing it! I've got green spot algae in the tank, and I never scrub the glass (though the pleco doesn't do ANY algae cleaning anymore, lazy bum!), so perhaps the loaches are feeding themselves on the itty algae and microorganisms on there. I've tried to grow algae for these guys, but you're speaking to the person who kills java fern, but can keep vals and hornwort growing like no tomorrow.

I've never seen these guys come off the tank glass, and I'm thinking they're Gastromyzon, but without a working digital camera, I'm not able to post pictures as reference.

I'm not new to fish; I have four small tanks, all ranging from 10 to 29 gallons. And yes, I admit I was stupid to take fish when I didn't have adequate food supply for them, or a tank for their own. I've read about hillstreams, for I've always loved them and wanted a few, but none of my tanks were set up correctly; this one may not be either. They survive, but I want them to thrive, if that is possible.

Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you.

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