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Loaches found in the Mekong River System

Posted By: Mark in Vancouver <markmark@telus.net>
Date: Friday, 11 June 2004, at 9:26 p.m.

Acanthocobitis zonalternans
Acanthopsoides delphax
Acanthopsoides gracilentus
Acanthopsoides gracilis
Acanthopsoides hapalias
Acanthopsoides molobrion
Acantopsis choirorhynchos
Acantopsis dialuzona
Annamia normani
Balitora annamitica
Balitora elongata
Balitora lancangjiangensis
Balitora meridionalis
Balitora tchangi
Botia beauforti
Botia berdmorei
Botia caudipunctata
Botia eos
Botia helodes
Botia lecontei
Botia longidorsalis
Botia longiventralis
Botia modesta
Botia morleti
Botia nigrolineata
Botia sidthimunki
Botia splendida
Botia superciliaris
Cobitis laoensis
Hemimyzon confluens
Hemimyzon ecdyonuroides
Hemimyzon khonensis
Hemimyzon papilio
Hemimyzon pengi
Homaloptera confuzona
Homaloptera indochinensis
Homaloptera leonardi
Homaloptera maxinae
Homaloptera orthogoniata
Homaloptera smithi
Homaloptera tweediei
Homaloptera vulgaris
Homaloptera yunnanensis
Homaloptera zollingeri
Lepidocephalichthys berdmorei
Lepidocephalichthys birmanicus
Lepidocephalichthys furcatus
Lepidocephalichthys hasselti
Misgurnus anguillicaudatus
Nemacheilus arenicolus
Nemacheilus binotatus
Nemacheilus longistriatus
Nemacheilus masyai
Nemacheilus pallidus
Nemacheilus platiceps
Pangio anguillaris
Pangio fusca
Pangio myersi
Pangio oblonga
Pangio shelfordii
Paracobitis anguillioides
Physoschistura pseudobrunneana
Schistura amplizona
Schistura aramis
Schistura athos
Schistura atra
Schistura bairdi
Schistura bella
Schistura bolavenensis
Schistura breviceps
Schistura bucculenta
Schistura cataracta
Schistura clatrata
Schistura coruscans
Schistura daubentoni
Schistura defectiva
Schistura dorsizona
Schistura ephelis
Schistura fusinotata
Schistura globiceps
Schistura imitator
Schistura irregularis
Schistura isostigma
Schistura kengtungensis
Schistura khamtanhi
Schistura kloetzliae
Schistura kohchangensis
Schistura kongphengi
Schistura laterimaculata
Schistura latidens
Schistura latifasciata
Schistura leukensis
Schistura macrocephalus
Schistura magnifluvis
Schistura melarancia
Schistura meridionalis
Schistura namboensis
Schistura nicholsi
Schistura nomi
Schistura novemradiata
Schistura nudidorsum
Schistura pellegrini
Schistura personata
Schistura pertica
Schistura poculi
Schistura porthos
Schistura procera
Schistura punctifasciata
Schistura quaesita
Schistura quasimodo
Schistura reidi
Schistura rikiki
Schistura russa
Schistura schultzi
Schistura sertata
Schistura sexcauda
Schistura sigillata
Schistura sokolovi
Schistura sombooni
Schistura spiloptera
Schistura suber
Schistura tenura
Schistura tizardi
Schistura tubulinaris
Schistura xhatensis
Schistura yersini
Sectoria megastoma
Serpenticobitis cingulata
Serpenticobitis octozona
Serpenticobitis zonata
Sewellia breviventralis
Sewellia diardi
Sewellia elongata
Sewellia lineolata
Sewellia patella
Sewellia speciosa
Triplophysa microps
Tuberoschistura cambodgiensis
Vanmanenia serrilineata
Vanmanenia striata


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