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Berdmorei clicking pattern

Posted By: Jessica
Date: Monday, 7 June 2004, at 8:52 p.m.

I have 3 large berdmorei two 6" and one 5" They are in a 55g tank with calvus, n.leleupi, and p. toae, bristlenose and a violet gopi for companions.

They are loud clickers, but i've never heard them click for food itself. Instead, they click at each other to keep each other in line. I have never seen these fish 'cuddle up' and the fact that they are always emerging from opposite parts of the tank leads me to suspect they don't really like each other. I can't be certain as there is a very extensive bit of rockwork there, which the violet goby has ever so kindly excavated. Throughout the day i will hear their little territory battles. Its easy to tell when someone has invaded as these guys start clicking at each other. I have witnessed very few, as they occur behind the rocks. A recent battle took place when their paths collided under some live blackworms. they both flared and struggled through the moss, clicking loudly at each other, barbels extended, mouths open. neither wished to back down. finally one gave up and dissappeared into the rockwork only to appear a short time later after the victor had swum off to find a better spot. this also leads me to believe that their clicking is not always performed on contact with the body of the other fish. I have seen an attack where skin contact was made on a smaller calvus, who promptly bent his scales outward. after that i have not witnessed any more attacks on tankmates.

when i first got the loaches, they had only one, so he came home(he wasn't 5inches then). I'd read that robusta can hold their own, so i introduced 4 2inch robusta to the tank. I then spent the next 20 minutes catching them. that job was made easier as every time they attempted to dart into the rock network, the berdmorei drove them out with clicking. I feared for their lives and thus they are not permitted near the berdmorei until they are of comparable size.

I would never place a smaller botia or even a loach of comparitive size who was not aggressive with these fish.

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