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Maracide and ICH - the Final Episode

Posted By: Leadfoot <leadfoot@sbcglobal.net>
Date: Thursday, 29 April 2004, at 3:48 p.m.

I just thought I'd post this because it seems that many people still use "lesser" ICH meds, and my findings might help those looking for a better way to treat for ICH.

I got a handful of new fish and added them to a 20 gallon tank, running at 82 degrees F, where the fish have been healthy for several months. An ICH cyst appeared on one of the new fish within 48 hours. Seizing an opportunity for another experiment, I did nothing. 2 days later a previously healthy fish started flashing its gills, obviously irritated by the ICH.

I added the new Maracide and cranked the temp to 88 (didn't crawl the temp, just cranked it up). 24 hours later the ICH cyst of the new fish is gone, and the other affected fish no longer flashes.

If that's not enough to convince us that the new Maracide is the best, nothing will. :-)

I am not an employee of Virbac, nor do I hold any stock. I will experience no financial gain from increased revenues from that company, either. I just thought this 4th finding would be helpful to my fellow aquarists. So, this latest episode means that I've now battled ICH 4 times with the new Maracide, and 3 out of the 4 times the ICH was visibly removed within 36 hours or less.

In the one battle that the ICH wasn't gone within 36 hours, it took 3 days for the ICH to be gone from sight, which is still damned a quick cure (definitely NOT a pun here) compared to my experience with other meds.

Interestingly, those "3-day" long cysts were on my histrionicas. I wonder if there's something something special about our bottom-hugging friends that seems consistent with the fact that so many of us see ICH in new clowns. Could it be that ICH is offered more protection from the fine, closely-knit scales of loaches? Is it possible that the bonding agent in Maracide that enables Maracide treat ICH while on the fish(instead of only in the water column like other meds do) simply takes longer to work its way under close-knit scales of loaches?

Regardless, it's completely apparent to me that Maracide is the ONLY way to go when fighting ICH.

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