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Posted By: lori n boris <lollygoa@aol.com>
Date: Thursday, 1 April 2004, at 9:40 p.m.

Hi all,

My 2 yo-yos just died, a striata doesn't look good, I've got a shivery clown in the Q-tank and now I'm worried about my white clouds...

the story:
I may have several problems -
Before my yo-yos died they looked like their heads were chiseled down, (not in the classic small spot way, but the whole head, from the gill fwd, reduced in size). Both fish's gills were pumping, but not red and one stayed normal colour, the other got a little blue-gray.
Their barbels got all floppy (reminding me of a previous unsolved problem with my clowns).

The striata is very thin, pumping gills, one lrg eye, normal all else.

One white cloud was found dead in the tank one morning, and the others are developing a white area on top of their heads(not fuzzy), and I fear the worst.

The clown has been thru Maracyn 1 and 2; 2 treatments each. Had cloudy eyes, finrot, and the quivers. He's now grown back the fins, clear eyes, and shakes less. But his 2 brothers in the main tank are starting to shake...

Arggh! I've raised them to 3" from wee little slivers of fish and they're so friendly...

We do weekly 50% water-x. Was told recently to not pack the cannister too tightly for better flow, opened it and saw loads of pointy snails which I surmised came off 2 potted Java ferns...
30 long tank, 1/2 sand, 1/2 gravel, planted(a lil flourite), with driftwood.
Lots of aeration, Eheim 2217 canister.
pH 6.4 steady
Ammonia 0
nitrate 0
nitrate 5.0
Nyc water soft

Does anybody see any clues?
Thanks again for listening, Lori and Boris

PS We're on week 3 with x-long Koi-Angel babies in our 55G being reared naturally with parents - got about 100-150! Wee fry poo is so cute!


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