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wanted: good snailivore for my planted tank

Posted By: Ananda
Date: Monday, 1 March 2004, at 2:13 p.m.

Having been woken up by the sound of an Emperor filter grinding Malaysian trumpet snail shells caught in the impeller, I've decided I want the snails *gone* from that tank. Problem: there are hundreds and hundreds of them in all likelihood. I will start pulling them more aggressively, but it just isn't humanly possible to get them all.

The tank's fairly heavily planted, with four swords, various aponogetrons, and a couple of types of vals. Fishy inhabitants are mollies (five adults, eight big fry) and ghost shrimp (lots of ghosties...probably 30+, since I saw a bunch of very small ones last night). Ideally, the loach will clear the MTSs from the 25 after the 30 is done. I've been considering a yo-yo loach: I have read they can handle light brackish for a bit, and the 25 *needs* to stay very light to light brackish (say, 1.002-1.004, minimum), as it's sort of a "hospice" tank for those mollies that end up becoming prone to pop-eye the minute they get into freshwater.

I would prefer a small loach, but if it eventually gets too large (say, 4" or more), I could move it downstairs to the 55g. However, in that case, it would need to be able to live peacefully with the six clown loaches I already have in that tank. The clown loaches are all 3"-4". There are also two 6" purple-spotted gudgeons in there that they'd have to stand up to. (And yes, I know the clown loaches will eventually need a bigger tank. When they get too big for the 55g, they get a 90g or bigger.)

Some people have suggested I move one of them upstairs to do the job. But I'm not fond of the idea of moving one of the clown loaches. They're doing well in their tank and have been more resistant to ich than the gudgeons.


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