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OT: NEW Maracide Benefits(?) - Long Story

Posted By: LeadFoot <leadfoot@sbcglobal.net>
Date: Thursday, 19 February 2004, at 10:18 p.m.

Dr. Kelv-orkian here, with more info on disease and meds, for those who are interested.

For those of you who've been watching the threads about the rampant Oodinium in my tanks, my 20 gallon long I believe is cured! At least, I'm hoping it is. CopperSafe was started on 1/31. I will be continuing to maintain that copper for another 11 days, just to be sure. (For those thinking it's overkill, search the archives for my related posts, and you'll know it's not overkill.)

Anyway, my 29 gallon tank, where I crammed in plants from 4 other tanks(!) is a complete mess. It's been fishless for 21 days now, and many plants have melted. No doubt due to the overcrowding of plants. So, I decided to clean it up. My test with vallisneria in a copper-treated tank shows that vals can withstand the copper quite well, so I moved all the still-living vals from the 29 and distributed them among the other 4 tanks, as well as some swords. Of course, I washed them all well in Potassium Permanganate to help ensure no little bahstahds remaining will be transmitted to the other tanks.

I went to my favorite LFS to find a new female bristlenose pleco for this tank because all my other females were treated to an agonizing, torturous death by the Oodinium/Velvet, and the bombardment of meds, during this Velvet battle. Armed with my my new "velvet-seeking" flashight, I scoured every tank in the store and inspected every single prospect for any signs of Oodinium. I finally settled on a nice 2 inch female bristlenose I was sure was clear of any visible signs of Velvet.

Well, I brought the fish home and floated the bag, when the phone rang. (Yep, this gets good.) When I finally remembered that the fish was still in her claustrophobic environment, I realized the phone call had lasted 90 minutes. Yikes!

I rushed to the tank, and found her still alive. I filled a container halfway with my tank water and the rest with water from the bag, to prevent osmotic shock, and placed the little cutie in the container. I re-inspected the fish, and so far, so good. I let her adjust to my water parameters for awhile, then poured the container into a net over the sink, to ensure that no water from the fish store would be directly added to my tank. I then turned the net over to gently place only the fish in my hand. I added the fish to my tank, and went to clean up.

When I returned to the tank, the little girl was happily munching away at the algae-covered walls of the tank. I settled in to watch for awhile, when I saw it... unbelievably my new fish was covered in ICH! How the heck, I thought to my self, could this be? I inspected this fish very carefully at the store, and while in the container before adding her to the tank. If it's any consolation, at least the tank is void of any other fish, but I've never seen ICH just explode like that before. I'm going to surmise that the stress factor may have helped the ICH take hold on this fish (what else can I think?). I used to think my clown loaches were "ich-magnets", but I think I'M the parasite magnet! :-(

To make a long story longer, I looked in my 2 fish medicine cabinets and found I had nothing I could safely use on this fish to battle ICH, because I previously threw out all my old meds that contained formalin, Clout is too strong, and I didn't want to put copper in this tank, because all the delicate plants from the other tanks are still in this tank. So, I went to the local PetsMart to get some Rid-Ich.

Just as I was about to leave with the Rid-Ich, I decided to look to see if the new, NEW Maracide was out yet. You see, I previously spoke to Virbac, who said they were coming out with yet another Maracide, which was supposed to be based on their bio-spheres technology. For those not in the know, Mardel's bio-spheres is supposed to be some fantastic technology (or just plain old good marketing, to skeptics) which is some kind of chemical agent that adheres to the body of the fish, enabling Mardel meds to be delivered right to the skin of the fish. In fact, the labeling on the newest Maracide says that it's designed to target ich, and even velvet (which I find hard to believe), ON the fish, not in the water. Of course, good old Malachite Green is still a main ingredient, so that should take care of any swimming ich, anyway.

In any case, could this be the holy grail of ectoparasitic meds? While I hope so, I have serious doubts, even though Virbac says that their bio-spheres technology is so good that they're incorporating their bio-spheres into all their meds, including their antibiotic lines. Sounds like they either really believe in their bio-spheres, or they've got one helluva marketing director, ready to suck us dry! For all our sakes, I wish for the former.

As I continue to wage my war against Velvet in all other tanks, I am now battling ICH in my 29 gallon, but this time I hope I'm armed with a p-site nuker like there's never been before!

Stay tuned for more on this new med. I'll post any findings on this new med, as long as Jeff lets me continue to be a forum member! The way my luck is going these days, maybe I should be a Fish-Mengler, rather than a fish keeper. :-(

Hey, but I still have a sense of humor, albeit a sarcastic one.

Thanks for listening,
Dr. Kelv-orkian


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