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Healthy loach color?

Posted By: JR King <TrueEchidna@aol.com>
Date: Wednesday, 18 February 2004, at 1:39 p.m.

So far everyone in the big shallow 18 gal tank is showing signs of good health, despite the temporary crowding (though I did add an auxillary filter and am regimented on my testing and changes). The gourami tank loaches look fine too.
I didn't realize how nice mine look til I was at Petco yesterday. I never saw a sick one to know. I think I do now. My fat rascals are nearly neon bright orange with black in comparison. And everything I own is growing at alarming rates.

My two ecosoldier kids were practically crying over the fate of the loaches and tetras there. (They also made some embarrasing comments. "Why are you mixing the fishes, you CANT put tropicals with coldwater!? DO you are them dead? Why are so many dead fish in here? Why do you have so many goldfish-RYOs-in this one..are they feeders TOO? You people are fishkillers!") They were especially upset on the sake of the loaches keeping company with goldies and white clouds. And the torn up ones with some cichlids. The living ones were pale beige and gray and "looked" despondant and thin. The tetras all looked like mullet or sardine in color, I couldn't tell one from another. I bought the food and ran; dragging my obnoxious children behind me. My kids wanted to buy them to save them. By the look of them? mmmm....NO.

But now I am worried ....are ultra striking colors healthy loach colors?
My clowns are a very orangey tan with jet black stipes (and fat)
Exxon; my tiger is yellow-orange & black with some shiny grey accents(not fat...though he eats til there is a round spot ^.^)
My skunk botias are lt dove grey with a metallic overlay and Black stripes. The one botia sometimes loses the jet black and has dull black. He isn't stocky looking like the other.
I started feeding him at the log entrance when he is looking that way. The other eats alongside Exxon now.

Are bright colors ever the sign of anything bad?
Or does that mean my loachies are currently content? I just got them for a clean up crew, but hat doesn't mean their needs wereunimportant. And they are fun fishes in their own right too.


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