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Water Problems(amonia)

Posted By: fedge <naatzy@yahoo.com>
Date: Thursday, 29 January 2004, at 12:25 p.m.

My local water guy(small town) says that they only add chlorine to the water; however, I tested the water myself(after getting an 18 gallon storage to do water changes from(age the water first now--im really new to fishes and still learning[80+ hours of research later I think I;m almost ready to try not to kill my fish again]). So I am trying to do a fishless cycling of the tank(LFS guy laughed at this... i think he has just been doing fish so long he is stagnent in his ideas--He claimed that the products they sell almost instantly cycle the tank--I truely doubt this statement, but that is not what im writing this for anyhoooo...).

I had my amonia levels WAY TOO HIGH.. above 8.0ppm.. probably higher..not sure.. the seachum ammonia gage.. (cool device).. said it was toxic(barely matching color).. the aquarium test kit I bought went off the scale... I got the levels down to about7.0-8.0 now... but found out that the water i was changing with had an ammonia level of 1.0 almost exactly(hard to tell with those stupid color charts). This leads me to believe that the town water guy don't know what he is talking about.... I thik our water HAS ammonia--strait from the tap--which is why I did just that. I tested the water right from the faucet. Yep 1.0 ppm... ok so MAYBE i got a bumb lot for the test chemicals.. MAYBE.. i took out the bottle of Hydrogen Perioxide we got and aged it in the sun for a while to change it to water. Since this is the purest form of H2O anyone can really get(medical grade H20//almost). The result... 0.0!@...

So, what do i do... i read that this ammonia even though i treat it with something that will lock it up into a harmless form it will still register AND the bacteria will need to break it down...

This says to me that the bacteria will be fighting the new water every time i change water and thusly limiting the amount of fish my tank will hold as a result.(only a certain amount of bacteria can be in a tank and that one of the BIG limits of the amount of fish you can have).

Is there anything else I can do.

I am going to add Dis-H20 in about 1 to 3 or 1 to 2 measurements which will help with concentrations of all the naties I got (I have gh and kh above or equal to 300 and a pH of about 7.8 out of the tap.)

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