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Clout Question

Posted By: LeadFoot <leadfoot@sbcglobal.net>
Date: Wednesday, 21 January 2004, at 2:53 a.m.

I'm at wit's end with a battle of the flashing fish. To summarize, they've been treated for internals and externals using everything from Metronidazole to Praziquantel to ParasiteClear, QuickCure, Rid-ICH, salt, you name it. I think I've pretty much run the gamut on ingredients, am am considering using the strongest med I've ever heard of, Clout, although I can't seem to find the ingredients anywhere on the 'net.

I'm not a complete novice, so water chemistry, length of dosage of the meds I've used up until now, etc. are not the issue. Additionally, whatever is bothering my fish does not seem to be affected by the UV sterilizer on one of my tanks (yes I turned it off during treatment).

All 5 tanks have displayed this same problem, but not all fish in all tanks.

Now, even after all this time, I'm starting to see white blotches of something on the fins of some fish, and flashing is getting bad. These blotches do NOT look like ICH, not do they look like fungus, although one fish's snout has many holes, one of which is filled with tufts of what looks like fungus (yes, I've done the gram positive and negative anibiotics, two different brands, plus a full spectrum med), and I've treated for Hexamita with two different meds, as well, to no avail. The blotches look similar to the scars that sometimes appear temporarily after ICH falls off a fish, yet I've seen no sign of ICH. At least not on the external parts of the fish... could be a new gill ICH I've discovered... my vain attempt at humor at this stage (although I once overcame a bout of ICH was "hidden" in the gills only).

3 fish have died so far. One simply wasted away, over a period of 3 long agonizing months; another seemingly VERY healthy fish up and died suddenly, and another that looked like he had a worm in his eye also died.

I've spent quite somet time battling this plague, and although I know it's unwise to just shoot meds into the tank, frankly I'm sick of this whole ordeal, and am prepared to bring out the big guns. I have some pretty pricey fish I do not wish to lose, but if I'm going to lose them in the long run to this $&^!&^!%&! disease, I'd rather they die quickly than suffer, even if it's from a high dose of a chemical. I know it sounds cruel, but at least they'd have shot at living if the chemical works, because from the looks of things, they're all doomed anyway, and I'm almost broke from all the different meds... wait, haven't tried Draino yet, I'm sure that'll cure whatever it is. :-(

Sooooo... that's why I want to know about Clout. I am fully aware that it will probably wipe out my bio filters, but so what? If worse comes to worse, I can dose 3 tanks first, and if it seems to help in those tanks, I can dose the other two later, if there are any survivors by the time I'm done with the dosage cycle in the first 3 tanks. I can always use filter media from the 2 tanks I don't dose first to help re-establish the 3 tanks I do bombard first, should the biofilters die off.

We all know that Aquarium Products' sucks when it comes to dosing instructions. Rarely do they ever tell you how long, and the instructions on labels are often known to be wrong (and you find that out too late), but they also seem to have one of the most effective line of meds, and in this particular situation, I'm thinking I have no choice, and need a good poison that strong fish will tolerate.

With that said, has anyone here ever used Clout at full-dose on clowns and plecos? I'm pretty sure I'm gonna use it regardless. What I want to know is your experience with full-strength, even if fish died, because I want to know what to expect. Also, do you think your biofilter was affected badly? If you used it for ICH how long did you dose for? (The instructions say you can go 6 days max, and most of us know that 6 days can't cure ICH completely.) If not for ICH, what did you use it for and how long? Not that your particular method will work for me here, because I have no idea as to WHICH parasite I'm going after; I only can surmise that it's some kind of parasite, so I'm gonna try to get 10 doses in, if there are any fish left after 6 days. If not, I'll just let the tanks run uninhabited for 2 additional weeks, at 90-05 degreesF and heavy salt to clear them of disease. In fact, I'm so frustrated I'm tempted to do that right now, but I think that'll boil my fish and THAT would be way too inhumane, even for me in my plight.

As you can tell, I'm EXTREMELY frustrated and depressed about this, so ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
The Guy in the Fetus Position in the Corner. :-(


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