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New 125 gallon help needed.

Posted By: Dancesalone <dancesalone@hotmail.com>
Date: Thursday, 20 November 2003, at 2:54 p.m.

Need some expertise advice in regard to setting up 125 gallon. This tank is primarily for my 6 Clown Loaches. It will also house their current tankmates, one female Betta, 3 lg. Albino Ccories. Planning on adding 1 Lg. Angel and 2 Clown Rams from another tank. Will this be ok?

YoYo's ok with Clowns? The one I have had for a month is terribly aggresive. About 2.5 inches. He flashes his blades under his eyes at the Cories during feeding and rams them!! I have 3 more in quarantine, smaller waiting to join him. Would the YoYo's be better say with my Tiger Barbs in 46 gallon or can the Clowns handle them as they are much larger?

Substrate??? LFS said do not use sand,(they said to hard to clean???) I'd like to use really small gravel, where can I get that or order it? Is there some other substrate available elsewhere that would be suitable?

Filtration: Am planning on transfering the Filstar XP-3 from their tank to the 125 along with the 330 Penguin. Will I need another canister, HOB or power heads?

Heaters: Is 2 better then 1? 200 watts each ok?

Recommended live plants that loachies will not think is salad if possible. No CO2 injector and I do have live plants in some of my other tanks and they have done great without.

Anything anyone would like to tell me would be sooo appreciated as I have never had a tank this large. Sorry so many questions but I'm afraid I'm gonna mess this up and could use some help, opinions ect.

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