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OT: Tank Leveliing...Help!!!

Posted By: Mr. Leadfoot <leadfoot@sbcglobal.net>
Date: Wednesday, 5 November 2003, at 5:55 p.m.

OK, I had tile laid under where my new 4 ft. long tank is destined for. After ripping up the carpet, the tile guy told me there's a slight rise where the right edge of the tank is to be placed. He said he'd do his best to lay the tile to minimize the uneven surface, and he did a great job.

Unfortunately, this slight uneveness causes the tank stand to be quite wobbily, so I'm looking at levelling under the stand itself. I've discovered that if I push down on the back right corner of the stand, thereby lifting the front left corner of the stand, it appears that the entire back and right side of the stand touch the floor, and from what I can tell using a level, I get pretty darned close to level. So, here are my questions for those of you who might have encountered, and hopefully successfully resolved a similar problem.

The tank is a 75 gallon, which seems as though it will weigh close to 900 lbs. filled, decorated and stocked right? Someone told me if I use one or two levelling feet to raise the left front corner of the stand, I should have no problems. I disagreed, citing that not only would that put quite a bit of pressure on only one or two points, I also risk that much pressure on single points cracking the tile. Or, is he correct, and that the 900 lbs. will get distributed evenly to all contact points (meaning that the two feet near the fron left corner would only take 150 lbs. loads each)?

I'm thinking more of sliding 1 inch wide wedges of solid oak wood under the front edge from left to right, and another from the left front to the left rear. I feel that that would at least displace weight across all of the wedge. Would that be better?

I'm also bummed that this has happened because when building the stand, I made sure to make the bottom a full sheet of 3/4 plywood, rather than just rails along the edges, specifically to displace weight over as much surface area as possible, but instead, on the front left of the stand I'm reduced to resting weight on whatever I use to shim the stand. I'm sure SOME of the entire bottom is touching ground under the stand, and maybe the full sheet adds to the integrity of the stand anyway, especially if I do shim?

I'm also wondering (probably out of paranoia) if such a move would cause other parts of the stand to bend? Probably not, right? The base structure of the stand is made of top and bottom frames made from of 2x3 studs connected together with 2x3 uprights.

In any case, I would appreciate hearing from those of you with experience in this area. Any phsysicists out there lurking, too? :-)

Thanks in advance.

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