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Successful Move Experience

Posted By: Aqualoach <aqualoach@hotmail.com>
Date: Saturday, 1 November 2003, at 11:14 p.m.

I'm happy to report that I have completed my first tank-relocation project fairly successfully. Last weekend I moved from Lexington, KY to Cleveland and my four tanks were moved pretty easily. I just got my phone/internet hooked up today so here is my account of the move for all who are interested.

First, on the day before the move I took out all of the ornaments, caves, and other unnecessary tank structures from the tank so that the fish would be easy to catch on the day of the move.

On the morning of the move I started draining all of my tanks down to about 20% capacity. All heaters, filters, and powerheads were turned off at this time. I had purchased a large 45 gallon RubberMaid container (the model with the wheels - not that I used them) in which all of the fish were to be transported in. So while I was draining the tanks I filled the 45 gallon container about half full with tank water. I then added a heater, an air bubbler, and a couple of large fake plants to the container to allow for safe hiding spaces for the loaches during transport.

After I had the container ready and the tanks only 20% full I began catching the fish and adding them to the container. All of the fish from all four tanks were caught and added to the one large container.

Next I drained the tanks to where there was just a about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch of water above the substrate. I then took the filter cartridges and bioblocks out of all of the filters and stuck them in the bottom of the tank slightly buried in the gravel/sand. This allowed (in theory at least) for the media to stay wet through the whole trip and still stay oxygenated because they were at the surface ot the water. I took the biowheels out of the filters as well and floated these at the top of the 45 gallon container. Now everything was ready to go.

So then I took the heater and air bubbler out of the container, placed the lid on top, and then it went into the back of my SUV. The tanks wouldn't fit in the truck (due to the whole baby/car seat thing) so they had to go in a trailer that I towed behind it. I didn't want to risk something breaking them in the big moving truck, so we got the trailer pretty much just for the tanks.

Before we left I added about 15 "Bag Buddies" to the water. These are the little blue pills that most fish stores put in the bag of water when you buy a fish. Apparently this is some sort of drug that calms the fish and makes it easier for them to travel. About half way there we made a stop and I added about 15 more of the Bag Buddies to the water. When we got to the new house I got the fish out of the truck and was a little concerned. Many of the fish were lying on their side in the water and those that weren't were swimming very slowly. I assume that the Bag Buddies knocked the fish out and I might have slightly over-dosed them with the # of pills I added.

Then I got my tanks into position and started adding fresh water from the tap. I then dechlorinated the water and then added some of the water from the container to each of the tanks. I then started catching the fish and adding them to the tanks. After all of the fish were in their appropriate tanks I distributed the rest of the water in the container to the tanks.

That's it! All of my loaches made it, and one week later they are still doing great! Sadly, two of my Electric Yellow African Cichlids didn't survive. They were DOA possibly because the temperature got too low in the container or because of the Bag Buddy overdose. Ironically these two fish were named Romeo & Juliet.

That's my story. Sorry I got so long-winded but I was hoping the details may help for someone planning a move. If anyone has any comments about anything they think I should have done different I would love to hear it.

For you other Cleveland residents (Horseface Hank, Curtis, .. anyone else?) do you have any suggestions for good LFSs in the area?



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