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continuing issue with striatas...

Posted By: Barbara <bjmaitri@megalink.net>
Date: Wednesday, 1 October 2003, at 10:59 a.m.

two remain. both are in a hospital tank and don't appear to be eating. i am treating with kanaplex by seachem as i had tried previously maracide with one of the two that died and it appeared not to do anything...of course the white patches were advanced when i first saw the first fish (after being gone for three weeks). on the second, the disease spread rapidly and death following within a couple of days. (btw, one died many weeks ago and i'm assuming it was from the same thing.)

of the two remaining, one shows no signs of the disease/parasite??? which i've been thinking is bacterial or fungal and thus this treatment. the other has been maintaining a spot forward of the dorsal fin but today seems to have more spots of this developing on the sides of the body. i am wondering if it would be helpful/ok to add metronidazole (sp) to the regime of kanaplex...this is the third treatment of kanaplex. The tank temp has been lowered to around 76 so that the bacteria/fungus doesn't grow as fast and i am removing food after a few hours if it hasn't been eaten. i am giving only small amounts but nothing seems to be accepted including: frozen brine shrimp, bloodworms and megatropical, cut up earthworm, smashed snail, various pellets and flakes...

i have been keeping the light off on the tank but today turned it on and covered the front of the tank to avoid any issues about the small amount of traffic that passes by the tank. I put green paper between the light and the versatop to subdue the light. there are two unused tubes for hiding and one rock with plant trays (2-3") leaning on each end of the rock for hiding and that is where they hide. The striatas are fairly small 1 1/2-2" in size. I've had them since April.

i have seen them explore around the tank at times but most of the time they hide. i'd really like to help save these guys...does anyone have any suggestions that i can consider or see anything that is being done that discourages them from eating?

should i remove the one that seems ok? i started with 5 striatas with 4 polkadots and three of the striatas have died while the polkadots do not seem to be affected. the polka dots are much larger if that makes any difference.

thanks for reading and considering this situation.


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