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OT: But Interesting (rivals clown behavior)

Posted By: Mr. Leadfoot <leadfoot@sbcglobal.net>
Date: Tuesday, 26 August 2003, at 12:44 a.m.

I got a beautiful new male bristlenose plecostomus about a week ago. His coloring is a rich black with very nice slate gray markings. His appetite has been great from day one, and although his dorsal was a frayed and split when I got him, in the short time that I've had him, it's almost completely grown back.

Interestingly, this little fella is not as reclusive as all my other bristlenoses. He's out and about all day, and can often be seen swimming around at all levels of the tank, which is unbelievable for this species.

Well, this morning, I walked into the room, and I heard splashing, like water pouring or something. First panicked thought was that the AquaClear filter was clogged, or overflowing or something. I looked, but it seemed fine. I then looked in the tank to see if any inhabitants had jumped out. All loaches and the SAE in the tank were accounted for, but the bristlenose was missing. I looked all around the tank and on the floor but no luck. I looked in the tank again, and I saw a tail at the top of the water.

What the heck, I thought, he got eaten! I looked above the water line from the top, and lo and behold, he had jumped the gap between the water line and the filter return flow, and was clinging to the waterfall spout. I better save hime, I thought, and gave him a gentle nudge back into the tank. He swam off, and I was relieved.

This afternoon I walked back into the room, and there he was again, clinging to the filter again! I thought about it and remembered that since he's been in the tank, he's always postioned himself directly in the water flow somewhere, so I guess he really likes the current. At the time this afternoon when he was up in the filter again, the flow had been turned down for feeding, so I decided to see if he really did like the fast current, and turned the filter flow all the way back up, while he was sitting there. Sure enough, he made a big fuss, and I thought he was getting washed out, but to my surprise he just repositioned himself to get a better grip, and just sat there swishing his tail around for awhile like he was playing, then settled in to enjoy the "river".

Now, tell me, does that rival clown loach antics, or what?! :-)

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