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New Angelicus, New tank, Anything new? :-)

Posted By: Mr. Leadfoot <leadfoot@sbcglobal.net>
Date: Tuesday, 19 August 2003, at 1:37 a.m.

Even though I still haven't put even water in my 75 gallon tank, I got a new 20 long. Although that in itself isn't anything spectacular, I think many of you can all relate to this:

Yesterday I got 3 angelicus because the price was so right at $5 apiece. At the time I had 3 of 4 tanks running - a 29 gallon, a 10 gallon and a 5 gallon, which originally was intendeed to be a quaratine tank. Because I was stocking the other two tanks over time, I always kept fish in the q-tank, even when not quarantining new fish, so that when I did get new fish, I didn't have to set up the q-tank.

Well, as you might expect, I finally ended up overstocking the 29 and 10 gallons, thinking that I would be moving fish into my 75 gallon any day now, which I never did because it's still not set up, and I got the 75 in October of 2002! (I'm building an entertainment center around it, which is taking longer than I thought.)

Anyway, the last fish I got were 3 small histrionicas. I out them q-tine for 2 weeks, but after the two weeks were up, I found I had to room for them in any of the other tanks, and sice they were small, I figured I'd keep them in the q-tank, since I wasn't planning on any new fish until the 75 is up. I moved one of my bristlenoses into the q-tank after I knew the new fish were disease-free, to keep it clean of algae for me.

Well, knowing full well I had nowhere for my new angelicus to go, on my way home I was wondering what I would do with them. I remembered that I already had two filters on my 10 gallon (yes, it's that overstocked), and extra heater, and even the guts of a standard flourescent fixture that I kept after retrofitting the striplight with a compact flourescent.

So, with my new 3 polkadots in hand, I headed straight for PetsMart, who I knew carry 20 long tanks for a very good price.

When I got home I put the bag they were in in my 29 gallon tank, and went to set up the new 20 long, then move some fish around, which I thought would only take a few minutes. Well, one thing led to another, and I ended up moving all fish in the 10 gallon into the 20 long, and moving the 10 into play as my q-tank. It took nearly 2 hours just to get the fish moved from the already-established 10 gallon to the new 20, and put the new polkadots in the 10! By the time I was done with everything it was 4 hours later!

I think what took so long was thrying to establish a sequence for everything because I had to be careful not to contaminate any of the existing fish and tanks with the new plokadots and the water in their bag. I ended up thoroughly redoing the 5 and 10 gallon tanks, as well as setup the new 20, because it was a chore trying to catch the loaches I already had, even though they were in small tanks, because the tanks were well decorated and well-planted.

But, I tell you what, it was worth it. The 20 long now sits behind my desk on a credenza, and because the tank is so long, yet only 12 inches high, it seems much bigger. It's almost like watching a widescreen TV compared to a standard TV.

I decided to make a canopy for my 29 so I could use the hood from the 29 on the 20, so tonight I whipped out a canopy. It doesn't have the trim on it yet or the light mounted in it, but it is nearly done.

So much for a simple trip to the LFS, huh? :-) Anyone else with a similar fish-fanatic story?

P.S. My wife thinks I'm absolutely out of my mind because I know have 5 tanks!


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