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"The Pet store from...." and "Strong Clowns"

Posted By: Tiger and Jaws <tigerandjaws@yahoo.com>
Date: Sunday, 13 July 2003, at 9:45 p.m.

Story#1: The Pet Store From.......

When I was on vacaion I noticed on the car ride a fish shop. It looked normal on the outside, but it was closd, so a few days later I went there and was shocked.... this was deffinately the fish store from.... you know what I'm talking about...
Anyway do your best to imagine this... the second you walk in it smells kinda like cigarete smoke and rotting fish... (already gross) and you hear a loud bubbling noise. They have a few betta fish, most of which were in small cups and only an inch of water, so they couldn't move backwords, forwards, ANYTHING!
as for the other fish, the water was green. Not a light-algee like green, a sick, grimey pond-behind-the-dump color. Half of the fish were shivering. They had a few upside-down catfish, but two of them were right-side up, if you know what I mean... and then I saw a door halfway open, and I could see a few angelfish in a large tank. I thought this was the storage room, so I looked in, and was even more horrified... next to it was a lage, probably 60 gallon tank with one GIANT fish in it, which was ok, but infront of it was a large tank, about the same size, of small, slimmer-looking goldfish. I don't know what they were, but 10 or so of them had SERIOUS cases of Ick, two or so of them were in corners shivering with what looked like a gross-film like stuff covering half of them, (velvet? I dunno) and a few floating at the top. By now I'm like ready to call animal control.

(he following has nothing to do with fish BUT it is about the store)
In the far back of the main room there were large tubs of hamsters and guinia pigs. Some of the tubs were ONTOP of one another, and there were flies flying around... (shivers at the thought) a few hamsers were on their backs with one leg ocassionaly twitching, and some of them were trying to literally kill one another. One had a super-large sore on it's leg which was impairing it's movement. A lot of the guinia pigs were just lying in heaps on each other, many not moving. One didn't even seem to be breathing.

Now think about this.
Number ONE: How long has this place been in buisiness?
Number TWO: WHY is this place still in buisiness.

On my way out I was practically in tears and just the sight of this place. I was seriously considering calling animal control, the cops, etc. and filing a case for animal abuse, but I didn't... please tell me if any of this is normal, but every other pet shop I've been in has been 100000000000x better. I dunno, maybe I'm spoiled and this is average, (I DARE not hope so...)

Story #2:Strong Clowns
I came home from vacation to find that one of my mollies STILL had Ick, however it HAD slightly improved fro,m last time. One of my others had a whie dot or two, and the other one had 1 dot. So I'm thinking back and remembering reading something that said Clown loaches are highly susseptable to Ick. So I look in their cave, and none of the three clowns have Ick! I put in half a tablet of Ick medicine (for ..."small, scaleless, weak or baby fish) and that was that... Has anything like this ever happend? Do I just have "strong" clown loaches? I dunno. I'm lost, confused, AND disturbed.


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