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Baby Fishies EVERYWHERE!

Posted By: Tiger and Jaws <tigerandjaws@yahoo.com>
Date: Thursday, 26 June 2003, at 4:03 p.m.

Ok I know this doesn't REALLY have to do with loaches but I do have some clowns so I thought I might be able to put this here....

This morning I woke up at about 8:20 a.m. and noticed that my loaches and mollies were getting along nice and playing and stuff, so I fed them a bit of food, and left the room for about 5 minutes. I come back and notice a little black thing wigling back and forth aparently running from one of my bigger mollies, (Mandy, the evil one)... and so I'm thinking what the F*** is that! I look closer and it's a baby molly! Before I could do anything about it, Mandy went over and swallowed it whole! So by this point I'm thinking Oh... my... WHAT! MANDY! YOU MONSTER! YOU'RE A MONSTER I TELL YOU! A MONSTER! SPIT IT UP! RIGHT NOW MANDY... SPIT... IT... UP! *Mandy swallows* AWWWW.. %$#^$#!!! So I put Mandy in a different container, (the ol' 3 gallon that we all by now know about) thinking I could fish out the babies before she ate them. I had to go to tennis lessons by then, so I had my older sister watch over them while I'm gone for the next 3 or so hours (by now, I haven't the SLIGHTEST clue what the heck the loaches are thinking... all alone in their cave) :-P so I get back and sister sez' that there are eleven babies, and four of them are dead... and get this; Mandy wasn't even Mrs. Have-a-lot-of-kids... It was Mr. Blend in, (NOW I realize I named her wrong. :-P ) Her name is now Molly the molly. Lol anyway so now I have seven ALIVE babies, and I called the LFS... they said to get a baby net and baby food... (hmmm... How vague is the term "baby food"? Isn't that really ANYTHING you feed them? Feed em' carrots and suddenly they are baby food! Ohhhhhhhh.... MAGIC!) Lol Mandy THEN started having kids but they were all deformed and obviously not alive... they looked a lot like poop but you could see eyes and on a few of them fins so I know theyre not fishy waste... So what should me do? I'd like to keep the babies if possible... should I go get the baby net? I'm kinda making do with a little plastic food container (disposeable, obviously) with holes in the side so they get fresh water... and baby food is a must, of course... Ah, FORGET WHAT I SAID! Any suggustions WILL be MOST appreciated!!! :-) Please help my little baby <*++< ! <---(It's a fish)

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