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what to do?: angelicus

Posted By: Barbara <bjmaitri@megalink.net>
Date: Wednesday, 14 May 2003, at 9:19 a.m.

so quarantine is a couple of weeks along and the maracide treatment, two rounds, is complete today. A week from today I will be gone for two weeks...my husband will need to care for the tanks. he's not fond of doing water changes although I can get him to do some tanks once.

The dilemna is whether to move the border botias/angelicus to the 70 gal of water in the 110 tank where the clowns (5 who are about 3") already are established and there are 4-5 adult spawning rosy barbs....or to leave them in the 20L...not totally filled...maybe about 15g water in it....if I cannot get my husband to do water changes on this tank, I fear the nitrates will build to a high point. If I don't change the water for a week, they will be up to 20-25 (in the past)...with the increased feeding of these 4 (2 1/2"-4"), it could be more but probably 20-25 is a reasonable guess.

Does it make more sense to leave them where they are and try to convince him to change the water, say, every five days (about 1/3) or to move them within the next few days, so I can see how they adjust before leaving on Wednesday. In the last day or two the angelicus have been out and about completely at home in the 20L so I do hate to stress them by moving them...still...???

Last night I noticed the clowns and barbs having territorial disputes (so it appeared) so I think I need more hiding spots although there are a couple of wood items, many rocks and lots of low plants in this tank. Also since the substrate is flourite, it seems I should add an area of smoother rocks...have some quartz/silica that is fairly smooth...as they (the angelicus) like to bury themselves under a rock or other items and lie between it/them and the substrate...well, one anyway and the other three did this at the lfs. any ideas, thoughts, input??



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