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could it be GH that makes a difference?

Posted By: Barbara <bjmaitri@megalink.net>
Date: Friday, 25 April 2003, at 3:17 p.m.

The three angelicus/border botias at the lfs are just fine. they eat, they burrow themselves under the ornament she put in the tank...right into the gravel. Her ph is about the same as mine a tenth or two difference....maybe hers is even a bit higher than mine. Our KH is about the same 3 for her 4 for mine; the GH is quite different, mine being 11 or 12 and hers being 3 (normally it would be higher). I am inclined to think that the GH shouldn't be enough to create this much disparity in activity and so on....two of mine are dead and the third is still lying on the bottom, breathing and having intense color (more than hers show actually)...maybe that is stress related. I've moved it to another tank altogether in case that previous tank was contaminated in some unknown way. Also her temp is at 76 and mine is at 80. I have a mollie in the original tank now and she is doing just fine. ???

Two things I did different...well, three. It took longer for mine to get home and into my tank and the temp up to speed....maybe an hr and a quarter to an hour and a half longer. At the store the bag was opened to take out three of the fish and then closed back up...no other water added though).

I did add stressguard, a seachem product, and I wonder if this could have had an adverse effect...I've used it before and with the clowns and no problem. The next day (yesterday) one of them had the slime excess that I spoke about...

I did add the melafix and there seemed to be no reaction to that. all day they continued to sit at the bottom of the tank. one did move about a bit...the one with the excess slime. after lights went out they moved around a bit and all were fine when I went to bed last night...fine in that they still were on the bottom and had color. This am, two were dead (one upright and I thought it was alive) and both quite pale, and the third and largest one was hiding under the wood (the wood taken from another tank where it had not caused any problems). The remaining botia is active when I tried to capture it and was active somewhat as I gradually acclimated it to the new tank water, but again is under a rock structure just sitting on the bottom, at a slight tilt, imo. not eating, not moving around.

any ideas? we did a skin scrape of one of the dead ones and no parasites at all. no bacteria. just slime.

ammonia and nitrites are zero; cycled filter; new, but agitated water and dechlorinated as well, new substrate (I've done this many times before and absolutely no issues). : ((((


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