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Aimless observations and conjecture

Posted By: SimCan
Date: Tuesday, 18 March 2003, at 8:47 a.m.

I have added another clown loach to my tank, one that is significantly bigger than my current seven clowns. I started with three, then added four more, and, like everybody's clowns, they started out pale, hid, swam up and down the side of the tank, settled down, got dark and bright and are now fearless, hungry and personable fish. Thing is, they went through this process in about four days. The most recent clown I have had for more than a week, and he hasn't (that I have seen) eaten yet, is still ghostly and pale, hides most of the time, and when he is out, whips around. He is not settling in. I know he will eventually, but I wonder if his taking longer is a result of some combination of (i) being older and therefore less able readily to adapt to captivity, (ii) being a different size from the others making him feel less comfortable, and (iii) being a single loach added to a happy school makes it difficult to "fit in". Any other thoughts?

Secondly, I have three yoyos in with them. My friend, in his community tank, has three small clowns. With my yoyos, two are always visible together in the foreground, whipping around, begging, eating, and one is always in the background, skulking about, eating, but always alone. My friend is having the exact same experience with his clowns. I once had three rosy barbs, and the same thing was true. This tiny little set of experiences has led me to suspect that three of a schooling fish is not a good enough number, since two seem to (non-sexually) pair off. I would say the more the merrier, but no fewer than five. Again, any thoughts?

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