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Infections secondary to ick? Skinny disease?

Posted By: Amanda FB
Date: Sunday, 9 February 2003, at 6:17 p.m.

Hoping someone can give some advice regarding infections secondary to ick... I have four 3-4 inch clown loaches, all normally very friendly and outgoing (eat from my hand, come when I call them, etc). 36 gallon community tank with cory cats, upside-down cats, rosy barbs, zerbras, tetras (definitely not overstocked).

Just finished a 6-day course of Quick Cure on Thursday (3 days until no visible ich, 3 days more for insurance). Loach behavior normal during treatment. This was my first case of ich after 1 year of having these loaches (had to cut short a quarantine on some new corys and upside down cats).

On Friday my largest loach began sulking and sleeping alot, and not eating (even bloodworms). Tested water -- all parameters normal. Did a 40% water change. Saturday and today, all loaches are behaving abnormally (sleeping ALOT, hiding, not eating, etc). Still no visible signs of illnes