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Peter, Susan, others looking for lists/LOL history

Posted By: JD
Date: Saturday, 8 February 2003, at 1:20 p.m.

Unfortunately there is no comprehensive list because WE have not made one. Names, common or scientific, features descriptions, living conditions, and the such just never became tabulated. Back, oh say 5 or 6 years ago, before we made the species index I made a very small table on my site but have never updated it since.
I say WE made the species index, because while Jeff collected some of the initial data, and made the page and maintains the site, it was the contributions of LOL patriots that made it what it is today. IF the same LOL patriots want a different presentation of the information, then well, we should take the info and make it into a format more conducive to whatís needed. I am sure Jeff will be more then happy to get the help and post the info.

Back in say 1995 when a few of us were out here in the echoy WWW looking for Loach info, there was nothing, and I mean nothing! You could find pages containing all the info you wanted on just about any other fish, from the average weight of an Oscar scale to the average number of spikes on a figure 8 puffer. Damn if you could find anything on loaches other then some misinformation on clowns. Then I stumbled on this little page with some better info on Clowns, Kuhlies, I think a striata, and a modesta was on it, run by Jeff Shaffer. It was pretty small, but it was info. A couple years later he had created LOL, and then people started coming in droves. I think in 98 there were about 100 loach lovers in the world, and half of them occasioned this site. Now there are 150 loach lovers in the world and about ĺ of the frequent the pages of LOL. Well, my statistics could be off, but there is a point I am trying to bring up here.

Unfortunately there are very few people really interested in Loaches, and well you are looking at the majority of the list in the people that are visitors here. Even fewer are interested in writing books and articles on the subject(I know there is a dig in there Susan:). Most of the info online now a days regarding loaches is here, and if we feel it needs updating, then we should update it. There are some scientific documents out there, most of them dated, but very few of us have access or now where to find that stuff. There are a couple people that are more scientifically involved in loaches, and they too participate in LOL although sometimes through a third party. If someone was to create a document that these people could edit with a scientific eye then maybe the table/list could be more complete.

Peter I know it can be frustrating, I too was very frustrated a few years ago when I started my loachy quest. Keep digging, and looking for info, itís out there, but unlike most subjects where you are one in million interested people, we are a smaller group and have just simply never got around to it:) There is a notebook floating around the world somewhere that is supposed to be collecting loach info and has some more scientific info in it, maybe we could locate it and give it a push along. I thought Mike Ophir was next in line. It is a book of articles and general info collected by LOLer. It has articles That Tom W collected, and stuff I added, and a CD of loachy pics from James(Western Canada). Bottom line though guys, keep digging. The more you get frustrated and then keep digging, the more info becomes available.

Thanks for listening:)


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