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Metronidazole to the Rescue! :-)

Posted By: Mr Leadfoot <leadfoot@sbcglobal.net>
Date: Saturday, 28 December 2002, at 11:51 p.m.

Good news!

My ailing clown loach, who hadn't eaten for over a month, just went ape over some bloodworms, and chowed them with great gusto! Looks like the metronidazole is curing what ails him.

Interestingly, yesterday, 24 hours after the first dose, I noticed a dark spot appear on the tip of his anal fin. The spot's about an 1/8 inch long and follows the shape of the bottom point of the fin. Today, 8 hours after the second treatment, a couple of dots like pen dots appeared on his dorsal. Another clown, which wasn't showing any signs of disease now also has a similar spot on his anal fin, too. Are these spots signs of dying worms leaving their hosts? Any ideas would be appreciated.

In tank number two, the striata with the streaks looks like he's also improving. The only signs of streaking are in the upper and lower rays of his tail! The listless rubber-nose pleco is now active again, and defending his territory vehemently, opposed to letting the striatas run right over him like he did only 3 days ago. This tank was also given a second treatment of metronidazole today.

Out of desperation, last night I dosed tank number 3 with metronidazole for the first time. I originally didn't dose the tank because I didn't know what the effects of metronidazole might do, so I refrained until I saw it was safe in the other two tanks. My Panaqolus now has something above his left eye that I can't quite make out. Maybe it's a worm coming out of his body like the clowns in tank one, I can't tell. It's so hard to see these things. Now, this fish didn't seem to be hurting prior to the med, and although he's not hurting from the med itself, I'm wondering what this thing is. Hopefully it IS a worm and not an adult fluke, since I can't find any anti-fluke med that's supposedly safe for scaleless, or bottom-feeding fish. I've found Clout and APPlus Anti-Fluke, but both say not to use on such fish. A flashing molly is flashing like mad now, too. Interestingly, his flashing is only on plant leaves, and he flashes very carefully. Unlike ICH flashing which is typified by a fish basically banging any part of his body against hard objects like rocks or the substrate, this molly's flashing is much more purposeful, in that he carefully goes up to a leaf, then aims his gill, and rubs ONLY his gill. One side, then the other. Sometimes after rubbing he swims off shaking his head, as if trying to shake something off. I'm hoping it's not flukes, because the striata in tank two used to also flash all over the place, and the metronidazole seems to be helping the striata, so hopefully the molly's got the same problem.

I was thinking since I've gone this far, with the month long ICH tratment, and now worming with the metronidazole, that I would next treat for flukes, just to be safe, but I can't seem to find a safe fluke med.

Anybody have any suggestions, feedback, or ideas that might help?



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