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Disease Update

Posted By: Mr Leadfoot <leadfoot@sbcglobal.net>
Date: Thursday, 26 December 2002, at 3:18 p.m.

In case anyone's interested:

My SAE blew up yesterday. Well, he didn't actually explode, but was very close. He previously expanded to a size close to the fatness of a goldfish in 24 hours. In the next 24 hours, he looked like a puffer fish. His skin was stretched so thin, you could see all the blood/fluid inside through his skin. His skin started to rupture, and you could see tears in the skin and blood oozing. Rather than lket him explode in the tank, I took him out, bashed him on the head, then flushed him. It made me sick to have to do that.

So, so far, Kelvin 0, disease 4. Two platys, 1 corydoras adolfoi, and 1 SAE have all succumbed to this plague.

One of my striatas is showing red red streaks in its tail and all fins. The tail has the red streaks the length of the upper and lower rays, and ALL other fins are showing red at the bases. An SAE in that same tank is flashing, although there is still no sign of returning ICH. My rubbernose pleco is moving around now, and eating some algae, but is still very lethargic. The clown that hasn't eaten since November is also more active, although he still doesn't eat. My conclusion is that an internal parasite must be the culprit, since many other fish in these tanks show no problems. I'm going to be mad at myself if this takes care of the striata and other SAE, because this whole past month I've been treating for externals, and bacteria, but not internals.

I did a 50% water change, followed by carbon overnight, followed by a 25% water change, and am now treating with straight metronidazole, in the form of Aquatronics' Hex-a-Mit.

This has been so frustrating. Sometimes I feel like taking all the sick fish and offing them. Someone once told me that sometimes it's simply not worth it, and replacing sick fish is sometimes much easier on your wallet, and on yourself. But what if you've grown attached to particular fish? :-( Here's to hoping this last shot actually does something other than prolong these fishes' long drawn out deaths.


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