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Disease Problem

Posted By: Mr Leadfoot <leadfoot@sbcglobal.net>
Date: Tuesday, 17 December 2002, at 2:15 a.m.

About a month ago, I got new fish. Breaking my cardinal rule of medicating while in q-tine, I let the fish stay in q-tine for two weeks without meds. :-(

The whole time the fish looked fine. I moved the fish into my 10 gallon tank for awhile, and all was still fine. Then, I decided I wanted the fish in my 29 gallon tank instead of my 10, so I moved the fish to my 29.

After about a week, I noticed ICH spots on some fish in my 29 gallon! So, I treated with QuickCure. I also treated the other two tanks the fish had been in. The ICH has been gone for about 5 days now, but many fish are now scratching. No sign of ICH spots.

For 5 days, one of my clown loaches in the 29 has been wandering aimlessly around, and doesn't eat. He doesn't even hide like he used to, he just hovers around and moves around the tank like an old man. His colors are kind of muted, too. No signs of respiration problems, no scratching, and no definitive signs of a disease. This morning I found the remnants of a fish in my 29 that apparently died during the night.

One of my fish in the 10 gallon, an SAE, is listless, too. Although he eats, he sits on a log alot, unlike an SAE. He's been doing this for two days. There is also some scratching going on in this tank.

My 5.5 gallon, which houses my precious corydoras adolfois is also showing the same signs. Some scratching fish, and a listless adolfoi, yet no signs of ICH.

I started treating all tanks for ICH again with QuickCure two days ago, as well as dosed with salt, but there doesn't seem to be any improvement, nor is the treatment appearing to halt the degradation. The ironic thing is that the new fish has not shown, and is not currentlly showing any signs of problems.

What could be causing this? I have no experience with flukes, but could this be what's going on, that QuickCure or Paraguard would not eradicate? Could the new fish have been carrying ICH AND another infliction that causes itching and listlessness, as well as loss of appetite? Obviously, it's possible, but what should I do now? I finally have my tanks stocked with the fish I want, and setup the WAY I want. What a bummer! :-(

ANY help from ANY of you would be greatly appreciated.

I promise I will NEVER, EVER q-tine a fish without meds again, as along as I own an aquarium. Not only is this costing alot in meds, so far, and it's obviously not the end of this battle, but I risk losing ALL fish in all tanks, and face the dreaded prospect of disinfecting all tanks. And, that is something I'm hoping won't happen, because replacing all my plants would get real expensive.

Thanks in advance,


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