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OT: ICH Med Discovery

Posted By: Mr Leadfoot <leadfoot@sbcglobal.net>
Date: Wednesday, 11 December 2002, at 7:20 p.m.

For those of you who care:

Over some months now, I've been using meds periodically to eradicate ICH that makes its way into my tanks. I've used a variety of meds, and thought I'd post my findings.

Maracide - usually works well, but takes 5 days to see results, and usually need to go the full 10 days to ensure complete cure of the tank. The downside is that the water turns green and cloudy, and you have to look at your tank that way for at least 10 days. :-( Seems to work fine in larger doses, as well as with shortened times between treatments, although I've never done both.

ParaGuard - sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. Works well as a preventative, whereby you dose the tank two days prior to getting a new fish, then introduce the new fish. If the new fish happens to have ICH, your tank would be pretty much protected from the ICH, since the med is well entrenched from the previous two days of dosing. I tried intially dosing at the same time I added a new fish that had ICH, but it seemed that the med didn't have ample time to "protect" the water, and all the fish got ICH. Seachem will tell you that ParaGuard is a good treatment for ICH, and that one of their other products is the ICH preventative, but don't believe them. So far, I've had 3 cases of ICH that seemed not to be positively affected by ParaGuard in a timely manner. The ICH just seemed to go back and forth between the fish, like a cold. It usually takes 14 days to clear up ICH, if it works. The benefits are that ParaGuard is gentle, as its properties are designed to "evaporate" from the water within 24 hours, and it does not color the water. Seems to work fine in larger doses, as well as with shortened times between treatments, although I've never done both.

QuickCure - now my weapon of choice against ICH. Seems to be more effective than other meds, yet has not harmed any of my fish, thus far. Usually see results in 2 days or less, yet I ALWAYS treat for at LEAST 3 days after spots are gone. If the ICH spots are gone in a short time, 3 extra days usually takes care of it. But, if it takes some time to see improvement, like a week or so, I usually treat for an extra 5 - 7 days. Although when you first add QuickCure, your tank gets real dark, usually within a couple of hours you can't even tell the med is in the tank. I'm pretty sure that that's because an aldehyde-based ingredient is used, as is used in ParaGuard, whereas Maracide uses analine green. Seems to work fine in larger doses, as well as with shortened times between treatments, although I've never done both.

Rid-Ich Plus - I don't trust it. Any product that says 1/2 dose for "scaleless" fish worries me, especially after trying it for 5 days without any progress. In fact, fish symptoms seemed to worsen. And with it's "scaleless" warning I'm afraid of overdosing.

Salt and High Temp with No Meds - I've tried this, but it doesn't seem to work for me. Or, maybe I don't give the remedy enough time to start working. All I know is I've raised temps to near 90 degrees with salt, and at day 3, spots are still increasing. I also only tried this once, because one of my clown loaches was covered in spots by the third day, and it looked like if I didn't do something quick, it wasn't going to make it. I'm sure you understand. So, my "control" variable in this situation was something to be desired for this remedy, thus, not a good indicator of whether this remedy would've worked in the lone run.

High-temps are always part of my treatment, and I usually shoot for 88 degrees. I usually crank the heaters 4 degrees at a time. The heaters I have are really cool, though, in that they seem NOT to increase their temps all at once, but rather "know" to increase gradually. They actually cycle on and off more often until they reach the desired temp.

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